G2 PerkZ: "I can't really judge, but I guess EU is better than NA."

G2 PerkZ might get the last laugh in the 'NA vs EU' matchup in MSI 2017.

On May 14th (PDT) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; G2 Esports defeated Team SoloMid in the fourth match of the final day in the Mid-Season Invitational 2017 Group Stage. Luka "PerkZ" Perković was interviewed on stage after the match for his thoughts.

As for the match against TSM, PerkZ had been prepared for a long game from the start: "Our plan was to go into late game because we are not doing well in the early game. Also, I've misplayed a lot in this game; I shouldn't have died in level 3 gank, and I also misplayed in laning trades. I guess I'm a part of the reason why we fell behind in the early game."

Even so, the game ended with a risky call from G2 once again, but PerkZ trusted his teammate: "Last time, it had been the right call, but 'incidents' happened. This time, it was still risky, but Expect made the call to Flash into Bjergsen. It was very chaotic, but we trusted him, and it worked out."

With so many upsets and having to recover from upsets, PerkZ was confident that they are prepared the best in the tiebreaker: "Our mental strength is pretty high after being defeated in so many close games, so I think we'll do great in the tiebreaker."

PerkZ thought that his confidence in midlane matchup allowed G2 to have easier draft, but he thanked his team for following through: "I feel pretty confident in any mid matchup, so I think it gives my team confidence in draft, making it [draft] easier for them. However, I think my team is doing a good job in playing too, especially Zven who always carry the late game."

Finally, PerkZ ended the interview with a bold statement: "I can't really judge, but I guess EU is better than NA."

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