Sights from the Worlds 2023 Fan Fest, which had 130K visitors over four days


The Fan Fest for the 2023 LoL World Championship was held at Gwanghwamun Square in Seoul, Korea, from November 16 through 19. Over the four days of the Fan Fest, over 130K fans visited the event, creating an unmemorable atmosphere leading up to the grand finals. On the day of the finals, over 5K fans gathered to watch and cheer for the teams despite the cold weather.


Let’s take a look at what the Fan Fest featured.


▲ At the entrance of Gwanghwamun Square, there's a collab sign in front of Admiral Yi Sun-sin's statue.
▲ As always, there's a booth featuring comfy Secret Lab chairs.
▲ There was also an oppo MVP zone.
▲ On one side, there were cheering walls for fans to support their teams. For T1 and...
▲ Weibo Gaming.
▲ Next in line was the wall of history, featuring all Worlds winners and skins.
▲ Don't you love it when you find a ward and a wild Teemo in the brushes?
▲ On the side, there was a stage for small events.
▲ There were quizzes, fan meets, and games with Ghost, Huni, CloudTemplar, etc.
▲ At the moment, Sjokz and Jeesun were passing by!
▲ On the sides of the stages, there were standup photo zones.
▲ The Mastercard zone had several giveaways going on.
▲ There was a lucky draw.
▲ And some apparel with custom patches and prints.
▲ They were hard at work.
▲ On one side, they had someone doing calligraphy on slippers and shoes.
▲ Pretty cool, huh?
▲ Now, to the Riot Zone, which featured TFT!
▲ There were stickers for those who participated.
▲ Next was the booth for Project L, the new fighting game to come.
▲ Ekko, Ahri, Darius, and Yasuo were available.
▲ Darius is charging at Yasuo!
▲ Next to Project L was the Heartsteel booth.
▲ Which had photo zones
▲ and AR photo zones as well.
▲ When you turn away from the Heartsteel booth, a huge Teemo is standing behind King Sejong.
▲ And it is really...
▲ You don't get to see a 50-foot Teemo every day.
▲ There were more photo zones,
▲ where fans left some of their photos,
▲ and claw machines.
▲ So close!
▲ At the end of the square,
▲ they were busy setting up the area for the concert and rehearsing.
▲ This was where the cheering zones were on finals day. (Source: Riot Games)
▲ 5K fans filled up the square during the finals. (Source: Riot Games)
▲ With Worlds done, the LoL Esports year has ended. Have you enjoyed the events?

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