T1 Faker: "I hate to lose, and it’s really fun to compete with the best players around the world."


On Nov. 15, the media day for the 2023 LoL World Championship was held. The media day featured interviews with Hearthsteel and NewJeans, followed by a brief conference with Weibo Gaming and T1. The media day was concluded with a coin toss between the two teams. Weibo Gaming won the coin toss and decided to play from the blue side in game 1.


The following is a full translation of the press conference of T1.



(To Faker) This is your first time attending Worlds in Korea, and you've reached the finals. How do you feel about heading to the final stage?


Faker: The biggest thing is that it’s a great experience for me to play on the finals stage in Worlds in Korea. I’m grateful that I could play. There were seasons where I couldn’t reach Worlds, but the biggest reason I’m here is because I went through all that. I’m thankful that I can take this challenge again.


(To Keria) Crisp predicted that they’ll win 3-1 and mentioned that the finals is the last for T1. What do you think? What’s your prediction?


Keria: WBG is a great team, so it’s understandable. We’re also quite confident. Since they’re a great team, we’ll have a hard time beating them. I believe we’ll win 3-2.


(To Faker) You’ve played so many games in your life all this way, but it seems that your passion towards the game is always the same. How’s your mindset as you stand again on the finals stage?


Faker: I hate to lose, and it’s really fun to compete with the best players around the world. I think it’s meaningful to keep improving among those players, and that’s why I was able to stay passionate.



(To Faker) It’s been ten years since your first Worlds championship and seven years since your last. How does it feel to be back in the finals? How have you improved as a player and a person over the years?


Faker: I got another chance at the Worlds finals. I’m looking forward to it, and I really feel grateful. I’m grateful that I can improve and grow in the process of preparing for the finals. Over my professional gaming career, there were many things that improved. One of the biggest improvements is that my mindset changed. I’m happy that I was able to learn more about the reason I play professionally.


(To Faker) You refused to take a thumbs-down picture after beating JDG, and fans see that you have great sportsmanship. Why did you refuse? Do you make an effort to show sportsmanship as much as possible?


Faker: After we won the semifinals, rather than feeling that we took them down, I felt grateful for playing such a good match. Since it was a good experience for me, I didn’t want to make such a gesture. It was just personal. Since I’m a sports player that many people see, I am working on being a model.


(To Faker) You’re a legend in the League of Legends scene, and you get global support. The team has improved so much. What do you think about the team’s improvement? How is this finals different from last year?


Faker: We were able to make it to the finals because my teammates did so well. I felt this a lot last year too, and LoL isn’t a game that can be played alone. Everyone did well, so we were able to make it to the finals two years straight. It’s not common for me to have such a chance. I’m grateful for this chance, and I’ll work hard with everyone to show a good performance.


(To Oner) There were a lot of struggles for you all this way. How do you overcome it when your form isn’t good?


Oner: In sports, you can win and you can lose. When you lose, you shouldn’t be discouraged, and you should work hard to improve more. I put in the effort to have better performances and results, and that’s probably why I was able to play in a better form than before.



(To Gumayusi) Recently, T1 fans have been doing good things for good karma, which has been trending. What do you think about it? Do you think it’s good for you?


Gumayusi: I don’t know where it all started, but I believe it’s all for the good. We’re really grateful since we can feel the fans’ emotions about us winning. It makes us feel more responsible and work hard. It’s a positive trend.


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