T1 Zeus on TheShy being called Top God: "Since I’m the god of thunder, it’ll be a fun matchup."

On Nov. 12, in the 2023 LoL World Championship, T1 defeated JD Gaming 3-1 and reached the finals. T1 fell behind often, but they made decisive plays in crucial moments and had clutch teamfights to claim the win. T1 will now advance to face Weibo Gaming in the finals. After the match, top laner Choi “Zeus” Woo-je joined the media for a brief chat.



Did you watch TheShy win the championship back in 2018? He said that he feels that he won Worlds too early in his career. You have a chance to win now. What do you think?


Back in 2018, I lived quite close, and since I watched baseball right next door just the day before the finals, I kind of was there. Since TheShy won once back then, I want to win this time.


How do you feel about reaching the finals?


During the process, I had doubts and was shaken up often, but I’m proud of myself for enduring everything and getting here. I want to show a performance without regrets.


You’ll be facing TheShy. It’s a matchup between the best top laners. What do you think?


All the teams that made the semifinals are strong. We’ll be facing WBG in the finals, and I think the winning team's top laner will become the best top laner.


It was a difficult year for T1, but you got back to the Worlds finals again. What did you learn?


I believed that whatever happened, if I endured and worked hard, results would follow. That way, I was able to move forward. I want to say that I’m still alive.


How did you come to pick Yone in game 4? Also, you’ll be meeting TheShy in the finals. What do you think about him? Any words to him?


I played the same matchup a lot before, so I picked Yone confidently. I always thought TheShy was a strong player, and after watching the semifinals, I feel that he’s really strong. I’d like to tell him to go easy on me.


What do you think you and the team need to do to hoist the Summoner’s Cup?


Last year, we had about a week to prepare for the finals. I felt that we need to maintain our condition and performance well. It’s not easy to practice at this period.


How do you think the score would turn out?




What do you think about WBG? Any pledges for when you win the finals?


WBG is a difficult opponent since they’re versatile. They have many cards prepared. If I do win the finals, I’ll do something since I’ll be really happy.


Many people are looking forward to your matchup against TheShy. What are your thoughts?


I’ve played against TheShy in scrims or solo queue quite often, but it’s my first time playing against him in an official match, so I’m looking forward to it.


TheShy’s nickname is Top God. What do you think about that nickname?


Top God doesn’t sound too good to me. Since I’m the god of thunder, it’ll be a fun matchup.


In the last match, TheShy showed some joker picks in Quinn and Graves. Do you have any joker picks?


I don’t know.

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