T1 Oner: "I’m so glad that we got a second chance to win Worlds."

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On Nov. 12, in the semifinals of the 2023 LoL World Championship, T1 defeated JD Gaming 3-1 and advanced to the finals. It was a tough series for T1, but they managed to turn impossible fights into wins and clinch the victory. After the match, top laner Choi “Zeus” Woo-je and jungler Moon “Oner” Hyeon-joon joined Yoon Soo-bin on stage for an interview.



T1 has reached the finals at Worlds for two consecutive years. How do you feel?


Zeus: I’m satisfied and happy that we gained the chance to heal the distress we suffered last year.


Oner: Everyone said that JDG was really strong, so I was quite nervous. We prepared a lot, and I’m happy that our hard work paid off. I’ll prepare well for our next match as well.


(To Zeus) You faced Kanavi and Ruler, who won the gold medal with you at the Asian Games. How was it?


Zeus: They are players that have been doing so well, so I was quite scared.


(To Oner) Your fight initiations were splendid. It feels like you made all the plays of your life. Are there any plays or goals left for you?


Oner: I've played a lot of champions that support the team, like Rell, so I’m kind of fed up with them. [Laughs] In the finals, there might be good champions... I might be able to play some fun champions. I still like Rell, though.


(To Zeus) You’ll be facing TheShy in the finals. What are your expectations?


Zeus: Before Worlds started, I traded jerseys with TheShy. I told him that I hoped we could meet higher up. At that time, we and WBG both didn’t get that good evaluations, but it’s refreshing that we actually made it this far. I think TheShy is a great player, and I’ll have to play well with a challenger’s mindset.


It’s T1’s sixth Worlds finals. What are your goals?


Oner: As Zeus mentioned earlier, I’m so glad that we got a second chance to win Worlds. WBG is a good team, so we’ll prepare well like today and win the championship.


Zeus: Around this time last year, I was full of regrets after we lost the finals. I’ll prepare meticulously so that there’s nothing to regret.


▲ Source: LoL Esports

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