WBG TheShy: "I didn’t expect us to reach the finals. It’s impressive that we got so far."

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On Nov. 11, in the semifinals of the 2023 LoL World Championship, Weibo Gaming faced Bilibili Gaming. After a blockbuster five-game series, Weibo Gaming succeeded in destroying Bilibili Gaming’s Nexus for the third time and advanced to the grand finals. It was the first time Li “Xiaohu” Yuan-hao reached the finals at Worlds over his seven attendances, and the first time in five years for Kang “TheShy” Seung-lok since he won Worlds 2018. After the match, Xiaohu and TheShy joined Yoon Soo-bin for an interview.



(To Xiaohu) It’s your first Worlds finals in your seven Worlds. How do you feel?


Xiaohu: I’m really happy that we won today. I’ll work hard so that we can win the next match to win the championship.


(To TheShy) You’ve reached the finals again at Worlds in Korea. How do you feel?

TheShy: Today’s match was really difficult and unspeakably tiring. Our bot duo had a hard time, and I’m grateful that they did so well. Frankly, I didn’t expect us to reach the finals. It’s impressive that we got so far.


Today's match was against BLG, who had a better record against you. There would have been some pressure. How was it?


Xiaohu: Many people probably think we got here because we got lucky, but we were able to get here because we were good.


(To TheShy) Today, you played Rumble and showed a massive difference in game 1. In game 3, you played Graves and even Quinn in game 4. How was the draft?


TheShy: I always think about how to deal with meta picks. Honestly, I didn’t practice that many games with those champions. I just played a few games to see how the matchup was, but the coaching staff had infinite faith in me, so we were able to pull out those picks.


T1 and JDG will face off tomorrow. Who do you think will reach the finals?


Xaiohu: I think both teams are strong. The result will depend on the players’ conditions. But whoever comes up, we’ll beat them.


Today’s TheShy’s birthday. Happy birthday!

Everyone sang happy birthday for TheShy (Source: LoL Esports)


What do you have to say?


TheShy: It’s really incredible. I’m a man, so I can’t cry. [Laughs] Thank you, fans, and the players, too, for working so hard.


Lastly, a word heading to the finals?


Xiaohu: We’ll fire up and do our best in the last best of series.


TheShy: Fighting! Jiayou!

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