DK Canyon: “We learned a lot about the draft direction from strong teams’ games.”


Dplus KIA secured a dominant 2-0 victory over GAM Esports in the 4th round of the 2023 LoL World Championship's Swiss stage. Dplus KIA now stands at 2 wins and 2 losses with this win, earning them a spot in the last gateway to the quarterfinals, the 5th round amongst 2-2 teams. After the match, jungler Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu and mid laner Heo “ShowMaker” Su spoke about the match and Worlds.



It was a commanding performance today. What are your thoughts on the victory?


Canyon: Winning 2-0 today puts us in a position where one more victory can take us to the quarterfinals. I'm feeling good.


ShowMaker: It feels great to secure a clean 2-0 victory. We're hoping to have a good draw in the next round.


What was your win plan prepared for today?


Canyon: The game played out in a similar manner to what we expected during the meeting we had yesterday. We felt comfortable during the game as our predictions aligned with the in-game situation.


ShowMaker: We thought the opponents might prepare some surprise picks, but that didn't happen. It made our games comfortable.


Your form seems to have improved after the two losses. What adjustments and improvements were made?


Canyon: We learned a lot about the draft direction from strong teams’ games and tried to capitalize on our strengths while incorporating what we learned. We're continually working to maintain this approach.


ShowMaker: We believe we can handle most of the picks other teams can use. We've been referring to other teams' games a lot and are working on finding our answers. Since we're winning games, I'd say our direction is correct. If we address in-game mistakes and fix them, we can aim higher.


(To ShowMaker) You were chosen as today's series MVP. Your performance on Ahri in game 2 was remarkable, with rune choices, skill paths, and an unconventional first item. What's the story behind this?


ShowMaker: A few weeks ago, I noticed an Ahri player in solo queue who prioritized Fleet Footwork and leveled W first. I merely took note of this unusual build. However, when I picked Ahri today and observed the opponent's team composition, it didn't seem like Nocturne would pressure me much in the mid lane. So, I decided to try it out.


This is already your fifth Worlds together.


Canyon: Honestly, I don't have grand thoughts about it. Since the journey to this Worlds wasn't entirely smooth, I'm grateful. I’m continuously approaching it with a fresh mindset. I have a strong desire to work hard and achieve good results.


ShowMaker: Since Canyon always performs well, I have faith in him. "Let's do well in what we each should do" is our attitude. If I focus on my stuff and play the laning phase well, Canyon navigates the games. We've been playing together for five years, and it's always comfortable. Besides, Canyon doesn't get very nervous, so it's really comfortable.


(To Canyon) ShowMaker had many compliments for you; any additional thoughts?


ShowMaker: He doesn't seem to like me much. [Laughs]


Canyon: Ultimately, if the mid lane performs well, it widens the possibilities for what the jungle can do. That's how I see it.


Just one more win, and Canyon, you get to play in your hometown of Busan. Does this change your mindset?


Canyon: Going to Busan is great, but to become a champion, you have to win against any team in the next round, no matter who it is. That's the attitude I'm holding.


ShowMaker: I've never been to Busan. Playing there will be exciting, as it's a new environment. It's an opportunity to learn, and it should be a lot of fun.


Facing a crucial 5th round, is there anything you'd like to say to each other or your teammates?


Canyon: There isn't much to say. Everyone's been performing well. I hope we play 5 games in the 3-game series. I'm going to get carried, and Kellin would probably lead us through.


ShowMaker: I'm also quite eager to reach the quarterfinals. Today, other lanes performed really well, making it very comfortable for me. If we continue to perform well in the remaining matches, I’ll be really thankful. I will find what I need to do well and become a more competitive mid laner.


Any final words as you approach the remaining matches and for your fans?


Canyon: We have one game left to reach the quarterfinals. Once the matchups are decided, it's crucial to discuss how to win them with my teammates. We'll talk a lot and do our best.


ShowMaker: I'm very thankful to all the fans who have been supporting us. I'll put in all the effort I can to make Dplus KIA's 2023 journey a little longer. If you keep supporting us as you always have, we'll be very grateful. And, we'll definitely prove ourselves.

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