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SKT Wolf: "We all tried a little bit harder after losing against FW."



SKT Wolf admitted that the team might have been angry about losing against FW.

On May 13th (PDT) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; SK Telecom T1 defeated Team SoloMid in the fifth match during Day 4 of the Group Stage of Mid-Season Invitational 2017. Jaewan "Wolf" Lee was interviewed on stage with Riot Games Brazil after the match for his thoughts.

Wolf was pretty confident about picking Sona as support: "We did think about the chance [of Karma going mid], but like you've said, Sona support is a good counter-pick to Karma support. Also, we wouldn't have been too concerned even if they picked a counter to our Sona support."

When asked about their loss against FW today, Wolf admitted that it made them try even harder: "I assume we were all angry about losing against Flash Wolves. We've given each other a lot of feedbacks too, but I don't think our mindset changed a lot. We've all tried our best in that match [against Flash Wolves], but we've lost. So... well, I guess we all tried a little bit harder."


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