TL CoreJJ: "In sports, there has to be some twist or miracle, right? We'll try to create that twist or miracle."

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At the 2023 LoL World Championship, Jo “CoreJJ” Yong-in is back once again. Mentioning that he and Team Liquid has been preparing well for Worlds, CoreJJ shared some insight on how the team has been working. With two world champions in CoreJJ and Hong “Pyosik” Chang-hyeon, Team Liquid aims to create a miracle.



The past year hasn't been as favorable for Team Liquid compared to your career. How is the team currently?


We are trying to establish our own style while going through the season, practicing, and coming to Korea for boot camp. We've somewhat built it, but what’s important is how well we can maintain it.


Nevertheless, you're back at Worlds. How does it feel to be playing in Korea again after a long time?


It's really nice. Playing in Korea is really comfortable. And, most importantly, I think the best part is that I can show my games to Korean fans again.


Previously, you mentioned that the LCS needs to increase the amount of practice much more like the LCK or LPL to achieve good results at international events. How is it nowadays?


Solo queue runs quite well during the season. I could say that the practice style in NA has changed, so the practice volume increased a bit. There are players that practice laning separately, or they review games as practice. Whether this practice is efficient or not will probably be proven by the results in this tournament.


You and Pyosik are the only players that has been to Worlds, and you’re one of the most experienced players. How have you been assisting the rookie players?


I'm helping them play their style as much as possible, and trying to have them maintain their gameplay.


To come to think of it, you and Pyosik are players that won Worlds. Does it help that there are two Worlds winners on the team?


Yes. Pyosik and I have a lot of experience and game knowledge, so we’re helping as much as we can. And through that, I see our team improve more and more.


Earlier this year, you said that the team's individual potential is exceptional. Has the team chemistry improved as well?


I think we’ve reached the maximum point after we got here. Currently, coach Reignover is working really hard to make the team come together as one.


How was practice during the boot camp period?


The players worked really hard. At first, there was an adaptation period, but they improved over time. APA and Yeon came earlier than other players, and they adapted quite well. Both were playing Korean solo queue for the first time, and they enjoyed it a lot. They seemed to have a lot of fun because the quality of Korean solo queue is good, and the ping is better.


How do you expect this year's Worlds to go?


In sports, there has to be some twist or miracle, right? We'll try to create that twist or miracle ourselves.


What do you think about the Swiss stage format? It's completely new.


There's luck involved in which team we draw, but it’s different from the group stage, where all the teams are drawn once. I think this format is much better.


Who do you think are the top contenders for the championship?


For now, I believe Gen.G and JD Gaming are strong. Additionally, T1 and G2 are strong too. G2 has a slightly new style, and they should show a good performance.


You’ve been active as a pro player for a long time. Is League of Legends still fun for you?


It's fun. Sometimes I feel like I'm getting tired of it and sometimes I wonder if I'm too old to keep going. But I think that League of Legends is still fun, and I believe I can still do it.


▲ Source: LoL Esports

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