IgNar: “NRG is different from other NA teams.”


Before the commencement of the Swiss Stage at Worlds 2023, Riot Games provided a unique opportunity to hear the players' perspectives. Inven’s first interview was with NRG Lee "IgNar" Dong-geun. As the 1st seed from the LCS, IgNar is rejoining the Worlds stage for the third time, marking his return after three years. Given that Worlds is taking place in South Korea, he expressed great excitement and a strong desire to do well.



What are your thoughts on participating in Worlds, especially in South Korea?


It's my third Worlds. I didn't expect to participate in a Worlds held in Korea before my retirement, so I'm really looking forward to it.


This is your third Worlds, following 2017 and 2020. Do you feel more determined this time?


I just want to do well. I may not be as good mechanically as before, but I want to show as intelligent a play as possible.


Your team secured the 1st seed through the Summer championship. For those who may not know NRG well, could you briefly introduce your team?


It's a team that was formerly known as CLG. Starting this Summer, the team has been active under the NRG banner. In North America, we could say it's a team strong in teamfights. The team's synergy is great.


North America has been struggling at international competitions for several years. Even so, there are fans that have high expectations because you're the 1st seed. How do you feel about that?


I don't have the confidence to say how far we will go, but regardless of the results, I am confident that we will provide exciting matches.


Your first Swiss Stage match is against LPL's Weibo Gaming. How did the team react when the matchups were drawn?


I was concerned because they're a strong team, but we could have faced even stronger opponents. So, I think it's a challenge that we can handle, and I'm glad it's not T1, Gen.G, or JD Gaming.


How would you compare the current meta to the one in the Summer Split? Do you see any notable differences?


I thought the Summer Finals and the Play-ins meta would be similar, but I was surprised by slight differences in the draft and compositions. Nonetheless, I don't think it’s too different.


How have the scrims been after you arrived in Korea?


While I'm not completely satisfied with the scrim results, our actual gameplay itself is fine. There are some minor mistakes, but I think if we can overcome them, we could achieve good results.


You have fans cheering for you, not only for your team but also for LCS. Do you have any comments that you’d like to say to them?


NRG is different from other North American teams; we execute teamfights crisply. We won't provide the so-called 'NA Fiesta'; instead, we'll show intense and fantastic teamfights.

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