Sights from the 9th IGC: A Celebration of Communication, Collaboration, and Growth


On Oct. 13, the 9th Inven Game Conference (IGC), themed around communication, collaboration, and growth, was held at the Gyeonggi Center for Creative Economy & Innovation. IGC aimed to bridge the understanding between gamers, game companies, and developers, seeking lessons in failure and a vision for the future of the gaming industry.


From early morning, attendees gathered to hear the presentations, forming long lines outside the venue. The morning sessions included a talk by Unity Manager Ko Jung-suk on "Big World Development Techniques Reflecting Time", followed by a presentation by Kim Yong-ha, the General Producer of Blue Archive from Nexon Games, titled "The Romance of 2D Games". Manager Ko Jung-suk provided an accessible explanation of challenging technical aspects to ensure even regular gamers could comprehend the intricacies.


Kim Yong-ha passionately emphasized that love lies at the core of 2D games. After his session, a long line of attendees formed to request autographs or to take commemorative photos with him.


Closing the morning presentations was Colin Walder, Director at CD Projekt RED (CDPR), who revealed the secret behind their "resurrection" after receiving much criticism about Cyberpunk 2077. Particularly amidst a sea of challenges, CDPR’s initial step towards resurrection was a structural reorganization in a situation filled with negative factors. His candid insights into fostering a good company culture resonated deeply with the audience.


In the afternoon, the spotlight shifted to Hwang Jae-ho, the Director behind Nexon's new venture, "Dave the Diver". He shared a behind-the-scenes story of how the game found success in what he referred to as the "jungle" of the Steam platform. During IGC, Director Hwang proudly announced for the first time that "Dave the Diver" had surpassed 2 million units in sales.


"Battle Crush" is a quarter-view brawl game developed by Rocket Camp, a development team within NCSoft. Manager Kang Hyung-suk delved into how NCSoft reinterpreted and implemented the concept of a brawl game, featuring titles like "Smash Brothers".


The final IGC session this year was adorned by SUNBORN Network Technology CEO Yu-Zhong, known for "Girls' Frontline".  Yu-Zhong explored how games operate within the realm of conveying emotional value to the gaming community. He shed light on the objectives of this process and the journey towards these goals.

▲ The 9th annual IGC was held on Oct. 13.
▲ Many participants visited to attend the sessions
▲ It was early in the morning, but the seats were full already
▲ Manager Ko Jung-suk explained the technology behind the Unity engine
▲ Producer Kim Yong-ha: “Romance is the core of 2D games!”
▲ Visitors queued to get autographs and photos after the session
▲ There was a long line of people who wanted to meet Producer Kim Yong-ha
▲ Director Colin Walder candidly spoke about how CDPR bounced back after their crisis
▲ There were many questions for Colin after the session as well
▲ Director Hwang Jae-ho introduced the behind-the-scenes stories about Dave the Diver
▲ He also announced that Dave the Diver surpassed 2M units in sales
▲ Manager Kang Hyung-suk explained how NCSoft interpreted the brawl genre and how it was implemented in the game
▲ Last but not least, CEO Yo-Zhong spoke about what role games take in communication
▲ I hope everyone thought about how to make a better game through IGC

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