G2 Mithy: "Brazilian fans were cheering for me whether I win or lose."

Mithy thanked the Brazilian crowd for being... really awesome.

On May 12th (PDT) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; G2 Esports picked up a win against Flash Wolves in the fourth match during Day 3 of the Group Stage of Mid-Season Invitational 2017. After the match, Alfonso "Mithy" Aguirre Rodriguez was interviewed on stage for his thoughts.

Mithy started the interview by saying how G2 recovered from the close loss against TSM.

"Losing against TSM was unfortunate. I thought we've lost after the early game, but we managed to hold until it was really close for us to win. If any small things changed, we could have won that game.

So, we just tried to shake it off, focused on the next game, and talked about drafting post-match. We ended up having a really good draft this game, and we pulled it through."

As for the shaky early game that G2 showed throughout the MSI, Mithy was not worried at all.

"We have only won the early game against SKT, but we failed to win because we played poorly and SKT is SKT. We lost every other early game, but we still managed to get some win anyway. Whether you win or lose the early game, what matters is how you play as a team to come back from deficit.

We haven't been playing perfectly, but we've been a challenge to other teams and we've been chipping in wins. Now we that actually got one early game that was in our favor, I think it showed how we can also be good at snowballing games."

Finally, Mithy ended the interview as he thanked the Brazil crowd for always cheering for him.

"Europe is so much different from here. In Europe, fans of other teams will always cheer for the other time and sometimes will even boo at you. In Brazil, everyone is cheering for me before I go on the stage and whether I win or lose.

I checked the crowded while we were winning, and everyone was flashing lights while chanting our team name. It was amazing. Thank you guys, you are [expletive] awesome."

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