HLE Viper: “Whichever team we meet, we need to beat them to get to the end, so that’s my only focus.”


On Aug. 8, in the 2023 LCK Summer Split playoffs, Hanwha Life Esports faced off against DRX. Although DRX made a miracle run at the end of the season to reach the playoffs, they didn’t have enough gas left in their engine. Hanwha Life Esports swept DRX 3-0 and advanced to the second round. After the match, Hanwha Life Esports players joined Yoon Su-bin for an interview.



How do you feel about today’s win?


Kingen: I thought we had to have a clean win today if we want to aim for higher places. I’m happy that we did have a clean win today as hoped.


You played Renekton and Aatrox today, and you’re the owner of an Aatrox Worlds skin. Does the current meta suit you well?


Kingen: It’s good news for us that Aatrox was buffed. Since the objective fights are more important, Aatrox has become more important as well. That is also positive for us.


Hanwha Life Esports excels in big games. There are more big games coming up. How do you think they’ll go?


Kingen: We need to understand the compositions well and fight where we want to fight. If we do that well, we can show a better performance in matches to come.


(To Grizzly) It was the first time you’ve played in the playoffs. How was it?


Grizzly: It wasn’t that different from other matches, so I stayed just a bit nervous. I believe I did alright.


Did anybody help you with the nervousness?


Grizzly: Kingen told me that if I play without being intimidated, there will be good situations, so I tried to do that. I tried to stay on my toes.


How is your mindset going into round 2?


Grizzly: My goal is to win 3-0 in the second round like today. I think I need to show a better performance compared to today to get to higher places. I’ll work hard to make a better performance.


(To Zeka) Your Neeko today was impressive. How do you feel beating your old team?


Zeka: It was awkward for me that we were the favorites in a playoffs match. It’s a relief that we won well without any variables occurring.


Earlier today, you were named on the All-LCK Third team and won Player of the Split. How do you feel about that?


Zeka: I was able to get the award because I did well in the regular season. The playoffs are different, so it’s more important to do well in the playoffs.


You’ll be facing the top teams again in round 2. How will you prepare?


Zeka: We weren’t able to beat KT or Gen.G in the regular season, but as I said, the playoffs and the regular season are different. I’ll prepare well so that we can win.


(To Viper) Sivir appeared in games 1 and 2. It didn’t get picked much during the regular season, but why today?


Viper: Sivir is a champion that can join quickly when there are fights on the top side. I didn’t expect the opponent to play it, but it wasn’t that difficult facing it.


Which team do you think you’ll meet?


Viper: Actually, I don’t know. Whichever team we meet, we need to beat them to get to the end, so that’s my only focus.


How’s your mindset toward the remaining playoffs?


Viper: We need to beat all the teams to get to the end and win the championship. Whoever we meet, I’ll do my best and win.


(To Life) You played Nautilus and earned yourself a POG in game 1. Are you satisfied with your performance today?


Life: There were positive aspects today, but there were mistakes and moments where we took our guards down. It’s fortunate that there were more positive things.


What was difficult about facing DRX?


Life: DRX had clear concepts in their compositions and played accordingly. When we saw their comp, we talked a lot and communicated about how we would face them. Also, maintaining our conditions is important, and the team staff took care of us well, so we were able to prepare well.


You’ll be facing KT or Gen.G. Any words to them?


Life: There are several players or coaches that I played with before. Whoever we meet, I’ll make them sad.


(To Viper) Any last comments to the fans?


Viper: Thank you so much for cheering for us. I believe we were able to play better since we felt all your support. We’ll keep doing well.

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