DRX Micro: "If we win 2-0 in our last match, we have a good chance for the playoffs."


On Aug. 3, in the 2023 LCK Summer Split, DRX swept OK BRION 2-0 and kept their hopes up for the playoffs. Although they still have to wait and see the results of other teams, DRX still has a decent chance to advance. After the match, head coach Kim “Micro” Mok-kyoung and jungler Kim “Croco” Dong-beom joined the media for an interview.



How do you feel about today’s win?


Micro: Today’s match was very important as it determined whether or not we’ll have a chance for the playoffs. I came under some pressure, but I’m satisfied that the players did well and the performance was good.


Croco: The coaching staff prepared the draft so well, so it was very comfortable playing today. I’m also happy that the overall teamwork was great today.


Was there a specific strategy to face OK BRION?


Micro: I spent the most time preparing the draft. The “east” teams don’t have that many wins, and I felt that the reason was that there aren’t that many champions those teams play well. So I aimed to ban the opponent’s mid champions and play the game through the advantage in the mid lane.


What’s the biggest change in the 13.14 patch?


Micro: I thought it’s most important to rearrange the tier list by lane. Whatever the patch version is, the mid-jungle initiative is the most important in LoL, so we set the list that way.


In game 2, you tried to kill Tristana but failed in a mid-jungle fight. How was the situation?


Croco: We were aware Tristana had Flash. As I was retreating, Tristana was getting hit by minions, and if I followed it with Flash+W, I thought I would have enough Mana. I think I was too easy-minded.


In both games, it seemed that you were ahead of the opponent.


Micro: I knew that OK BRION is a team that usually plays toward teamfights at objectives rather than playing diverse macro. Accordingly, we tried to fight only in lanes we had the initiative and avoid fights at objectives when necessary while only fighting fights that we can win. The practice was good, so I thought we would win easily if we had a good comp.


(To Croco) Your movement in game 1 was spectacular.


Croco: When I played Nocturne, we were a charging comp, so I thought the opponent would feel threatened if I turned the lights off. My teammates did well, and I just added a bit to it.


Your last opponent of the season is Kwangdong Freecs. How will you prepare?


Micro: As the head coach, my priority is to prepare the draft so that the players can play better and more comfortably. The good results during practice fruited good results. I believe today’s macro was perfect. There were a few mistakes, but they were just small incidents. If we reduce our mistakes and become more solid in the things we do well, we’ll be able to win.


The race for the last playoffs ticket is fierce. How likely do you think you’ll advance?


Micro: What we wanted was to advance on our own, but after that was denied, I don’t want to calculate the probability. More than that, I’m just thinking about what we can do. I’ll be praying and waiting after we win 2-0 in our last match.


Any last comments?


Micro: Although it’s difficult, considering the matchups, if we win 2-0 in our last match, we have a good chance for the playoffs. I’ll prepare well so that we can win the last match 2-0.


Croco: As we won 2-0 today, we gained more hope to reach the playoffs. I’ll prepare well for our match against Kwangdong Freecs so that we can reach the playoffs and show it to the fans.

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