Mastering Defense Derby: Top Strategies for Winning PvP Battles

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Get ready for a fresh twist on the tower defense genre, as RisingWings, an independent studio of KRAFTON, Inc., unveils Defense Derby, released on August 3 to mobile platforms. This strategy game introduces the "Betting Royale" mechanic into the classic tower defense formula, offering an awesome mix of intense strategy and PvP action.


In Defense Derby, victory hinges on outlasting your opponents in four-player battles, which involves clever unit recruitment during the "scouting stage," strategic squad deployment, and skillful castle defense. This isn't your average tower defense game; it's a battle of wits where every decision could mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Following a successful soft launch, Defense Derby's global release promises more excitement and competition. Inven Global’s guide aims to equip you with strategies to fully prepare you for the game’s PvP, and keep your castle standing to the end.

Leverage Different Modes and Guide Missions

Being successful in Defense Derby isn't solely about mastering one aspect of the game. It's about honing your strategic skills across multiple game modes and Guide Missions. Utilizing each of these not only broadens your experience but also prepares you for the intricate tactical landscape of PvP battles.


Guide Missions serve as your personal in-game tutor. They guide your progression, ensuring that you grasp the fundamental aspects of the game while rewarding you along the way. By diligently following and completing these missions, you build a solid foundation of game knowledge and skills. This robust base is instrumental when navigating the complex strategic layers of the game, particularly during the high-stakes PvP matches in Derby Mode.


These modes do more than just contribute to your resources and knowledge. They prepare you for the real-time strategy elements encountered in the main PvP battles. You learn to manage your resources, form effective battle strategies, and make swift decisions. The PvE modes - Dungeon and Blitz Mode - offer invaluable training grounds. Here, you can experiment with different deck configurations and unit strategies, all without the immediate threat of another player's competitive tactics. In the Dungeon mode, you receive additional growth resources, providing a boost to your squad's development. Meanwhile, Blitz Mode offers a storyline context to your battles, allowing you to delve deeper into the game's lore while simultaneously unlocking more content.

Friendly Derby and the equal deck mode further cultivate your strategic skills by offering a balanced competitive environment. These modes allow you to focus on your tactical decisions rather than the strength of your deck, honing your skills against other players in fair match-ups.


The journey-based progression system, Guardian’s Journey, ensures that you're constantly rewarded for your growth. As you accumulate Derby points, you unlock various milestones, keeping your progression exciting and rewarding.


A well-rounded player in Defense Derby is one who takes full advantage of the variety of modes and Guide Missions. It's through this diverse gameplay experience that you'll be fully prepared to face the competitive world of PvP battles, armed with a wealth of practiced strategies and a deep understanding of game mechanics.

Master the Betting Royale 

A significant feature that sets Defense Derby apart from other tower defense games is its "Betting Royale" concept, where the success of your PvP battles often lies in your strategic use of Derby Chips during the scouting phase.


The scouting stage kicks off every round, presenting the same unit card to all four players. Here, the player who offers the most Derby Chips bags the card. But this bidding process isn't as simple as it may seem; it's a delicate balance of calculated aggression and caution. The unit up for grabs is chosen from the deck of the player with the most Derby Chips, making the bid value a crucial part of your strategy.


Successful scouting isn't just about securing powerful units. It's an opportunity to disrupt your opponents' plans and force them into adjusting their strategies. A tactical bidding war can make opponents overspend their Derby Chips or miss out on a crucial unit they need. This element of disruption adds an additional layer of strategy and depth to the gameplay.


At the same time, don't get swept away by disrupting tactics alone. Your deck needs a cohesive strategy. While considering the faction and type of heroes and units is vital, don't shy away from blending various factions. This variety can infuse your deck with a unique personality, making it unpredictable and hard to counter.

Every enemy wave in a battle is preceded by a scouting phase, offering you a special defensive unit. Here, blind betting can prove to be risky. Evaluate the unit's special skills and its compatibility with your existing setup before committing a significant number of Derby Chips.


Remember, winning the bid for a unit is beneficial, but only if the unit suits your overall strategy and doesn't drain your resource pool. You don't want to win the bid but lose the war. Bidding wisely, not just aggressively, is key.


The "Betting Royale" is more than a unique feature of Defense Derby. It's an intricate game within the game that can make or break your PvP battle success. Master this, and you're well on your way to dominating the Defense Derby landscape.

Be Defensive and Discerning

"What's in a name?" they ask. Quite a bit, as it turns out, when it comes to Defense Derby! You'd think the hint is in the title, wouldn't you? Well, you'd be right! Being defensive and discerning is a key step to success!


Defense Derby commands a deep understanding of unit synergies and strategic deployments. You can significantly boost your attack power by placing cards in specific arrangements on your castle's 3x3 grid. This means lining up several cards of the same race or aligning three cards of the same attribute in a straight or diagonal line. It's not unlike bingo, where you're aiming for a specific pattern to score big. Consistent playing and experimentation is the best way to master this gameplay element.


Placing units of the same faction or type on adjacent tiles, whether that be horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, can significantly increase their attack power. But remember, it's not just about your own strength, keep an eye on your opponents’ rosters and castle HP as well.


The strategic deployment also entails carefully considering cooldown periods when deploying or switching unit positions. Each unit has a specific attack range, and mindful positioning can make the difference between a unit being effective or not.


And let's not forget about Monster Rage! If you're the first to complete a wave, the speed of monsters on your opponents' fields increases by 50%. A little bit of chaos can go a long way. Also, consider how placing units can provide additional buffs. By positioning units of the same race next to each other or arranging units of the same type in a line, you can enhance your attack power considerably.


In Defense Derby, strategic synthesizing plays a pivotal role. While you can't place duplicate units in the castle simultaneously, the game does allow you to synthesize them — if a unit already in your castle reappears in the scouting stage, an aggressive bid is essential. The synthesis of the duplicate units results in a formidable two-star unit, significantly strengthening your defenses. 


Don’t only worry about yourself, though! You don’t want your opponents to strengthen their defenses. Keep an eye out for a small arrow that occasionally appears next to opponents during this stage; it signals that the unit in scouting is already in their castle. Time for defense. By bidding high, you can potentially sabotage your opponent's attempts to create their own two-star unit. 


Finally, remember the guaranteed units you receive at the start of the match and after a boss wave. They might be random, but their strategic deployment can markedly sway the battle's outcome. Defense Derby isn't just about defending your castle. It's about outmaneuvering your opponents and mastering the game board. Play strategically, make wise decisions, and the victory will be yours.

Unlock the Power of Auxiliary Systems

In Defense Derby, building a solid defense and deploying your units strategically is the core of gameplay. However, the auxiliary systems within the game offer a wealth of opportunities to enhance your performance in PvP battles. By understanding and leveraging these systems, you can gain a substantial advantage over your opponents and enrich your overall gaming experience.

Card Growth System

The Card Growth System is key to bolstering your performance in PvP matches. By leveling up and upgrading your cards, you enhance their power, making them more formidable opponents on the battlefield. Each upgrade applies to all subsequent cards of the same type, effectively boosting your entire deck. This continuous improvement of your cards allows you to face off against stronger opponents confidently.

Talent System

The Talent System directly fuels your PvP capabilities by improving the power of your deck. By using Talent Points earned from clearing Blitz Mode stages, you can research various talents in the talent tree, thereby tailoring your deck's performance to your preferred PvP strategy.

Artifact System

Through the Artifact System, you can earn powerful items that bolster your PvP strength. Completing missions rewards you with unidentified Artifacts that, once identified, either activate new abilities or level up existing ones. This constant evolution of your arsenal makes you a force to reckon with in PvP battles.

Army System

The Army System directly impacts your ability to wage effective PvP battles. The system automatically assigns your eight highest-level cards as leaders. You can further assign cards to army slots, elevating their levels to match the Army Level for free, thus ensuring you always field a powerful force during PvP confrontations.

Altar of Return

The Altar of Return is a strategic tool for honing your PvP deck. You can reset a card’s level or exchange its level with another card. All the used resources get refunded, allowing you to reallocate them to enhance other PvP-focused strategies.

League System

The League system is a measure of your PvP prowess. This season-based system promotes you based on your Derby Points earned in Derby Mode. As you climb the league, you prove your strategic dominance in PvP and earn even more rewards.


In conclusion, while Defense Derby's essence lies in its defensive gameplay and unit strategy, these auxiliary systems bring an added layer of depth. By investing time into mastering these systems, you're gaining a stronger competitive edge in PvP battles and enhancing your overall gaming experience.

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