Unlock the New Archer Character in Dungeon Fighter Online - Experience the Muse and Traveler Now!

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Source: NEOPLE Inc.

JULY 25 - JEJU, SOUTH KOREA - NEOPLE Inc., an internationally acclaimed game developer famed for its action RPG, Dungeon Fighter Online (DFO), also referred to as Dungeon & Fighter, is thrilled to unveil its Archer character update. Launched on July 25th, this update enriches the game's vast character selection and introduces a new aspect of gameplay for both new players and veterans.

Dungeon Fighter Online Archer character update introduction video

A New, Exciting Expansion to the DFO Realm

The Archer provides a distinct blend of swiftness and accuracy, concentrating on delivering potent long-distance attacks while managing the dynamics of the battlefield. This new character brings an engaging change in the combat pattern, adding another dimension to the comprehensive character gallery that creates the lively universe of DFO. Additionally, the Archer character introduces two advanced classes: The Muse and the Traveler.

Source: NEOPLE Inc.

Traveler: Deploying Advanced Technological Power

The Traveler progression employs cutting-edge technology from the Free Explorer’s Guild, manifesting a novel DPS role. Her Longbow weapon dispatches auxiliary projectiles that provoke additional chaos on the battlefield, underscoring her crowd management and AOE damage abilities. Her skills deliver quick, high-tempo action and control over enemy groups, rendering her a formidable opponent in any skirmish.

Source: NEOPLE Inc.

Muse: Merging Battle with Harmony

The Muse progression provides a fascinating support role, combining fighting skills with the energy of music. With her unique weapon, the Lyra Bow, the Muse can launch music-charged arrows that boost the power and spirit of her teammates while dealing significant damage to adversaries. Her abilities are crafted to enhance the performance of her team, offering tactical boosts and debilitating assaults that can tip the balance of a battle in her team's favor.

Source: NEOPLE Inc.

Archer Arrival Celebrations

In honor of the Archer's introduction, Neople has planned a series of special events and rewards, providing chances for both new and returning gamers to experience the Archer update. These celebratory initiatives include accelerated leveling modes, rewards for daily logins, and dungeon completions, guaranteeing fast access to advanced-level content for all players. Event features like the ability to replicate the Archer character's equipment onto a different character encourage a diverse gaming experience. Players can also participate in the ongoing DFO Twitch Drops event to gain extra cosmetic and high-value rewards.

Broadening Accessibility to the Epic Games Store

Concurrent with the Archer update, Dungeon Fighter Online is expanding its reach by making its debut on the Epic Games Store. This strategic enlargement is set to draw new gamers, enhancing the DFO community's growth and promoting a varied gaming community.

Source: NEOPLE Inc.

A Trailblazing Heritage

Since its original release in 2015, Dungeon Fighter Online has drawn a devoted worldwide user base, becoming available on several platforms, including Neople, Steam, and now the Epic Games Store. The game's unique integration of 2D massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) elements with beat 'em up mechanics has cultivated a faithful community. The game features a wide character range, extensive customization options, and a variety of dungeons and raids for cooperative play, alongside breathtaking graphics and sound effects. The inclusion of the Archer character, along with the Muse and Traveler progressions, solidifies DFO's ongoing dedication to delivering a diverse, captivating, and consistently evolving gaming experience for its flourishing fan community.

Source: NEOPLE Inc.

About NEOPLE Inc.

NEOPLE Inc., a distinguished name in the global gaming industry, is respected for their innovation, imagination, and meticulousness in the game development domain. Their portfolio includes an intriguing mixture of MMORPGs and fighting games on PC, mobile, and console platforms, all expanding on the Dungeon Fighter Online universe.


What makes Neople stand out is their commitment to nurturing a dynamic gaming community, which is clear from their active social media engagement. Players are encouraged to interact with Neople and join the discussion on Reddit, Discord, Twitch, YouTube, and their official website, thereby becoming part of the global gaming community.

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