KT Bdd on portrait of Kiin by Aiming: "It kind of looks like a crooked potato..."

▲ Portrait of Kiin by Aiming


On Jul. 19, in the 2023 LCK Summer Split, KT Rolster faced Dplus KIA. It was a tough matchup, but KT Rolster successfully took won two straight games to sweep. With the win, they collected their 11th straight victory. Gwak “Bdd” Bo-seong and Kim “Kiin” Gi-in had great performance today, as they were voted as Players of the Game. They were interviewed by Yoon Su-bin after the match.



It’s an amazing winning streak. How do you feel?


Bdd: It was a difficult match today, and I’m relieved that we won.


Kiin: It was hard, but I’m happy we won.


(To Bdd) You got voted as the POG for game 1. It was another classical Azir performance from you. How did you plan to come back from 6K gold down?


Bdd: We had the better late comp, and we had more dragon stacks. We all agreed that the later we fight, we would win.


As you said, the Baron fight decided the game, and the Azir performance was amazing. How did you see the angle?


Bdd: We didn’t really plan that fight, but the opponent overextended a bit, so things went well for me.


Like this, KT has been showing amazing teamwork in teamfights. It seems that you don’t feel that you might lose. How is it?


Bdd: I don’t think I ever thought that we’ll lose when we start a fight. We’re confident because we’ve been winning all the teamfights.


Kiin: We do win most teamfights. Even if we lose, there’s no pressure since I can blame someone else. [Laughs]



(To Kiin) You faced Rumble twice today. Although you struggled in the laning phase in game 1, it was different in game 2. What happened?


Kiin: Things didn’t go well in the laning phase in game 1, and in game 2, Bdd contributed silently with Twisted Fate, so it went well.


Azir was banned in game 2. How was the draft?


Bdd: Our draft process is similar in most games. Since we’ve been winning, we did the same as we did.


(To Kiin) The last teamfight in game 2 seemed unfavorable, but you turned it around. How was it?


Kiin: Actually, Rell started the fight really well, so I was worried. But when I revived and looked around, I was in a decent situation, so it went well.


After that fight, Cuzz shouted, “I love you!” What do you think?


Kiin: [Laughs] Cuzz gets really hyped whenever there’s a camera on him.


So he doesn’t say that off the camera?


Kiin: Never.


Are you disappointed?


Kiin: Our relationship is purely professional, so I’m not disappointed at all. [Laughs]


A word to Cuzz?


Kiin: Cuzz, fighting for the next match!


Fans say that KT players seem really close to each other. What do you think about the portrait of you that Aiming drew?


Kiin: [Sighs and laughs] He drew it well… I wonder why I never have a chance to do something like that.


You have your chance today. He made your nickname “Gum fairy”. You said that you’ll make a nickname for Aiming.


Kiin: I have one ready, but I think I should give him the nickname after the season. It might hurt his morale.



(To Bdd) What do you think about the portrait?


Bdd: It kind of looks like a crooked potato… But there’s a bit of Kiin in it.


You’ll be facing Gen.G in the Saturday Showdown. Which lane do you think is the most important?


Bdd: All lanes are important, but if I stop Chovy well, I believe we can win.


Kiin: Since all Gen.G players are good, we’ll be able to win if we all also play well.


Any last comments?


Bdd: I’ll make sure that we beat Gen.G and do well until the end.


Kiin: I’ll do my best so that we can beat Gen.G and continue to fight for 1st place.


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