T1 Faker: "My arm condition isn’t that good."


On Jul. 2, in the 2023 LCK Summer Split, T1 faced Nongshim RedForce. Although T1 lost the first game, they came back from behind to win the following two games to collect their sixth win of the season. With the win, T1 maintained their position in 3rd place. After the match, head coach Bae “Bengi” Seong-woong and mid laner Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok joined the media for an interview.



Congrats on the win. How do you feel?


Bengi: We needed to beat Nongshim RedForce today. Although it was difficult, it’s a relief that we won. We need to improve our performance more.


Faker: We were able to win today because my teammates did well. I’ll work hard so that we can do better in the next match.


As you mentioned, it was a difficult win. It seems that the team performance is shakier than the first week. What do you think?


Bengi: Although it could seem shaky, we’re still trying to exeriment different strategies. Today’s attempt wasn’t very good.


Those attempts are probably for playoffs and afterward. What more can you tell us?


Bengi: Whatever team we face, we need to have several plans to make it difficult for the opponent. That’s why we’re experimenting with different strategies.


(To Faker) It might be the most difficult time of the season for T1. What’s working well and what isn’t?’


Faker: It’s positive that the feedback is working out well. On the other hand, there are external issues that affected my performance.


What outlying issues?


Faker: My arm condition isn’t that good. My performance wasn’t really good since our match against OK BRION, which was due to the arm issue.


Have you been treating the issue?


Faker: I’m doing my best to get well.


Is it getting better?


Faker: I’m currently in therapy, and I can’t share the details yet.


The mid lane gold has been rolled back. As a mid laner, is it a lot different?


Faker: That gold difference changes what items I can buy, so it is clearly different. The mid laner’s role in the game has become a bit more important.


You’ll need to have a clear win plan soon enough. When do you think you’ll get to that point?


Bengi: We’ll be trying different things to set our direction until the most important match. We thought today was a good day to experiment, and we did.


You might want to give some time off to Faker for treatment. Are you considering that?


Bengi: We’re discussing with Faker and the team. We’ll have to talk more before I can share further details.


You’ll be finished with Round 1 next week. How was it overall?


Bengi: We’re 6-2 after today’s match. Up to now, it’s a bit disappointing, but there weren’t any big crises yet. It’ll be good for us if we can prepare well with what we have.


Faker: Although we didn’t do as well as expected, we’ll be able to get good results in Round 2 if we prepare well.


T1’s positioning was a bit regretful today. Gumayusi was sometimes too ahead of the other players. Was it intended?


Bengi: It wasn’t intended, but our overall performance wasn’t very good. That’s probably why those mistakes stood out more.


Any last comments?


Bengi: I hope we can finish Round 1 with a win to have a good flow. I’ll prepare well for the match.


Faker: Although our results in Round 1 aren’t satisfying, I’ll prepare well and work hard to show a better performance.


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