KT Kiin: "I remember a few games where we got too hyped up and lost... Whoever the opponent is, I’ll make sure to stay focused."


The “Telecom Derby” between T1 and KT Rolster in the 2023 LCK Summer Spit was held Jun. 24. The two teams were tied for 2nd place before the match. The blockbuster matchup ended in KT Rolster’s favor as they swept T1 2-0 and collected their 4th straight win. After the match, coach Choi “supreme” Seung-min and top laner Kim “Kiin” Gi-in joined the media for an interview.



How do you feel about breaking the 10-game losing streak against T1?


supreme: As you said, we were on a 10-game losing streak against them. I’m happy that we were able to break it, and I believe we’ll be able to rise higher this summer.


Kiin: I didn’t mind the losing streak, so I didn’t have any pressure going into the game.


What strategy did you prepare to face T1?


supreme: We thought that T1’s bot lane was better when they played a utility support champion, so we used up our bans in that direction. As for the other parts, we found matchups that we can play the best and practiced them.


You didn’t ban Neeko in game 1. Has it come down from its must-ban position?


supreme: It was a strategic decision, and I can’t discuss the details. We were confident in facing it. We didn’t want to give T1 champions they’re good at. The matchups went as we thought, and we were able to win.


You picked the Malphite-Twisted Fate comp once in the spring but lost. What was different today?


Kiin: We made small mistakes in the early game, but we were able to find good moments and fought as we planned.


Zeus mentioned that you were better in today’s matchup. What do you think?


Kiin: We don’t know which champion we’ll play. I just think in advance about which champion to play when the opponent picks a certain champion. Today, that was Malphite. It depends on how you interpret the game, but it was comfortable for me since the bot side did well.


What do you think about Malphite’s ult? Are you good at landing it or did the opponents give you a good angle?


Kiin: If Malphite isn’t in your vision around the dragon, I think it’s difficult to react. Once you land Malphite’s ult, there’s kind of a flow, and it gets much easier to land afterward.


You’ve been playing Malphite well. What’s different compared to other teams that have a low win rate with Malphite?


Kiin: It could be that it goes well with the team, and it could be that it goes well with myself. The situations are just right whenever I use it, so we’ve had good results.


Lehends showed loud and big reactions after good plays. Who wanted the win the most? Who expressed how they felt the biggest?


Kiin: Lehends shows how he feels the most, and next is Cuzz. I think they’re the most expressive.


You have a rather easier matchup in the remaining 1st round. What’s your goal?


supreme: Regardless of the opponent’s position, our goal is to maintain our best performance. We tend to get hyped up when we play against strong teams or when we get a clear lead. We lost a few games last season because of that. If we fix that and keep our pace up, we’ll be able to get a good result this season.


Kiin: I remember a few games where we got too hyped up and lost. Whoever the opponent is, I’ll make sure to stay focused and make the plays I need to make. That way we can get a good result.

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