[Meta World] I thought I moved, but it was a mirage… Utilizing block limiting “Mirage”

Better than Estelle? “Mirage”, who has a great interference skill


Mirage, who is an epic character, can set up a ‘Bubble’ on a block so that the opponent can’t do anything. It’s similar to Estelle’s Ice Block, but the biggest difference is that the user doesn’t get affected. It has the best performance among the skills that interfere with the opponent, so you can make the game more strategic.


- Normal block: Interfere with construction

- Interrupts the usage of shops, train travels, fortune cards, and starting block

- Extra dice roll through doubles impossible, angel card unusable (Turn finishes)

- Fast skill charge (x3 at ★6)

- Many skill uses (x5 at ★6)


▲ It’s harder to use than Estelle, but Mirage’s effect is better — it’s the best interfering character


Basic usage of the Bubble, “Cannot use block”


Like Estelle’s Ice Block, you can use Mirage’s Bubble on a normal block to interfere with the opponent’s color/triple/line monopoly, but to make it 200% more useful, you should set the Bubble on a corner block. If you do, the opponent can’t construct, use the shop, or use the train travel. When they land on the starting block, they gain salary, but they can’t use remote construction. Also, when the opponent arrives on a Bubble block with a double, they can’t roll the dice again or use the Angel Card. The remaining turn is canceled.


▲ By just blocking the shop and train travel blocks, you can mess up the opponent’s plans


Nana, Watson, Katrina, Hernandez, “Counter to mobility skill characters”


The ability to counter characters with mobility skills is better than Estelle. Mirage can shut down the characters that move to a corner block, like Nana, Watson, Katrina, and Hernandez. As they can’t gain the block’s effect or use it when they’re trapped in the Bubble, you can shut down the skills completely. Against Hernandez, you can’t prevent the opponent from claiming their salary — only the remote construction function is disabled.


▲ Even if you have the Angel Card, you can’t get out of the Bubble
▲ The opponent who used Katrina’s Train Travel skill is trapped in the Bubble. They wasted their turn!


Use with Estelle to “control corner blocks completely”


If you use Mirage with Estelle, you can limit the opponent from using corner blocks completely. You can set the Ice Block on the starting point, and set up Bubbles on the shop and train travel blocks. Also, if the opponent had some extreme luck with the dice, you can prevent their color/line/triple monopoly victory with the two skills supporting each other’s cooldowns.


▲ You can limit the opponent from using the corner blocks by putting a Bubble on the shop and freezing the starting block

Shines in dog fights “specialized in the long game”


Mirage can easily check the opponent’s monopoly easily, but on the other hand, it’s difficult for yourself to make a monopoly. The game usually goes on for long, as the blocks are upgraded sparsely. However, you don’t need to worry since you’re the only one that can use the corner blocks. Use the effects of the corner blocks to your advantage — train travel, remote construction, upgrade all to landmarks, etc. and gain a construction point victory. If you add Shu (6) to your comp to steal the opponent’s marbles, it’s even better.


▲ Level up alone! The privilege to use the shop alone in the prolonged dog fight!
▲ Shu’s skill which steals the opponent’s marbles goes perfectly with Mirage!

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