[Meta World] Special exterior and high value, what are ‘premium buildings’?

High grade bonus, limited quantity “Premium Buildings”


You can turn your buildings into Premium Buildings at a low chance when you upgrade to ★7, and they stand out immediately from their exterior. The building grade bonus is x14-16, which is much higher than normal ★7 buildings (x6.4-9.6), so the value is much higher as well. The max number is limited, so after all of them are distributed, you can only purchase from the Real Estate Trading Center or the Marketplace.


▲ The premium building, hamburger shop, that sticks out among the ordinary buildings

“Unique exterior” of the premium buildings


You can recognize premium buildings from afar, even with just a glance. This is because they have unique exteriors. If you look around Meta World, you’ll be able to spot them without much trouble. The exterior is decided based on the building’s size, so currently, only Ice Cream Cafes (2x2), Photo Studios (2x3), Hamburger Shops (2x4), and Seafood Restaurants (3x3) exist.


▲ If you select a landmark like the World Trade Center and click on Premium on the right upper corner,
▲ you can see the current status of the premium buildings in Manhattan
▲ There’s an outdoor terrace at the entrance of the 2x2 Ice Cream Cafe
▲ The 2x3 Photo Studio has a film and camera statue on the rooftop
▲ 2x4 Hamburger stores are Shake Shack? In ‘n Out? There’s a shake so…
▲ 3x3 Seafood Restaurants look like one of those buildings you can find in your neighborhood, one that has a neon sign

"★7 upgrade", low chance to upgrade to a premium building


From ★6, there’s a low chance of becoming a premium building when you upgrade — it’s possible to gain a premium building even after you’ve reached the max grade at ★7. The premium building’s type is decided based on its size. 2x2 buildings become Ice Cream Cafes, 3x3 buildings become Seafood Restaurants. Also, the quantity of premium buildings is limited by size, so after all of them are taken, you won’t be able to upgrade to a premium building.


▲ There’s a risk of losing a grade, but if you succeed, the value skyrockets


Wait for the “marketplace launch” to see the value of premium buildings!


You can make premium buildings and buildings above ★6 to NFTs through minting. If you mint them from the Special Item Cabinet in the menu with 100 diamonds, you can sell them for MBX in the marketplace, which will be launched later on. According to Marblex news, the marketplace will open on May 26.


▲ If you use 100 diamonds to mint the buildings into NFT, you’ll be able to sell them at the marketplace later on

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