[Marvel Snap] Four Nimrod decks you could use WITHOUT Shuri


The new season is here, and with the new season, Nimrod has found a spot in Marvel Snap. Nimrod is a 5/5 card with the ability to copy itself to other locations when destroyed. It’s most effective when paired with Shuri, who doubles the power of the next card played. However, realistically, not everyone has Shuri, so you need to use other strategies to utilize Nimrod. That being said, here are some Nimrod decks you could use WITHOUT Shuri.



Nimrod Zola


As soon as Nimrod was updated, Arnim Zola was the first card that came to mind. Arnim Zola is a 6/0 card that destroys a card in that location and copies it to other locations — quite similar to the ability of Nimrod. If you destroy Nimrod with Arnim Zola, you will gain TWO 5-power Nimrods in the other locations. However, that’s much weaker than the Black Panther-Arnim Zola combo, so you need more support from other cards.


This deck should be played like a typical destroy deck, aiming to maximize Venom and Deadpool’s power, and copy it with Taskmaster or Arnim Zola. To utilize Nimrod more with this deck, you should keep two destroy cards (Carnage, Venom, Deathlok, Absorbing Man) until the last turn. Place one destroy card where Nimrod is first, and the second destroy card should go in another location. That way, you’ll have at least four Nimrods on the board.


Nimrod Destroyer


When you include Nimrod into your Destroyer deck instead of Cosmo, you will be able to play 15 in one area and add 5 in the other areas on the last turn. However, this is a bit difficult to execute as you will need to have set up one area with high power+Armor by the 4th turn. This is why there are two boost cards in Psylocke and Electro. Using these cards, play Nimrod on the 4th turn so that you can set up the locations properly for Destroyer on the last turn. Besides that, play your cards like you’re playing a regular destroy deck.




Sandman’s stats have been changed recently, from 4/1 to 5/5, and it’s great to use to counter opponents that attempt to play multiple cards on the last turn. The main purpose of this deck is to throw your opponent off by confusing them about which locations you aim to win. As you can see, there is only one card that can destroy Nimrod: Destroyer, so prior setup is important. Always remember that there are multiple win plans in this deck. See which locations your opponent aims to win, and play accordingly.

5P Cerebro


As there are quite some cards that have 5 power, the 5P Cerebro deck is pretty good. Most of the time, the Cerebro-Mystique combo is played on the last turn, but with this deck, more often than not, you would have to play them earlier to use the Nimrod-Arnim Zola combo or Dr. Doom. Other cards you can include in this deck are Sandman and Omega Red.




Obviously,  Armor and Cosmo are great counters to any kind of destroy deck. Nothing can be destroyed with Armor, and with Cosmo, no On Reveal effect will occur. Aero can prevent the opponent from playing a destroy card in Nimrod’s position, and you can also throw them off on the 5th turn by making them position Nimrod in an unwanted location. Early in the season, many players will attempt to utilize the new card, so try including these cards in your decks to benefit from them.

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