[KOF Arena] Strong and easy, basic attack-focused fighter, ‘Chris’ review

Chris, a build-up fighter who needs to warm up!


Most fighters show off their capabilities based on skills, but for Chris, the skills make the basic attacks shine more. You build up with the skills and deal damage with the basic attacks. As Chris’ skills are activated quickly, it’s great to take the opponent by surprise and induce their emergency dodge. The moment the word EMERGENCY appears above the opponent’s head, it’s Chris’ showtime. Although it’s difficult to build up, when the situation is right, you can easily connect a death combo.


▲ With Chris, combos are strong and easy, but the build-up process is difficult, and his ATK stat is low.


2 motions for the 1st strike! - In-depth analysis of the basic attack


Elbow, Backhand strike → Reverse Anchor Kick → Spinning Array → Side kick (Airborne)


※ Counterable from 1st attack with basic attack after guarding (Difficulty: Normal)


The Reverse Anchor Kick and Spinning Array of the original versions are positioned as the 2nd and 3rd strikes of the basic attack in KOF Arena, and they serve as the pillar of connecting combo here as well. The 1st strike has two attacks — elbow and backhand strike, and the 2nd strike, Reverse Anchor Kick, also is a double-hit strike. The 3rd and 4th strikes in Spinning Array and Side kick are single-hit strikes.


▲ Chris’ basic attack process. The airborne effect of the 4th strike Side kick isn’t that good.
▲ The hit judgment of the 2nd strike Reverse Anchor Kick is quick, so there’s a high chance of getting countered before the 3rd strike Spinning Array.


Besides some fighters like Athena, it’s difficult to connect combos when the opponent is airborne. This is because it’s difficult to keep the opponent airborne, and the opponent can get away by using emergency dodge. However, all of Chris’ three skills have a standing effect. That being said, even if the opponent gets airborne with the 4th strike side kick, you can force them back into a standing state with a skill and connect the 1st to 4th basic attacks again.


▲ Airborne effects usually interrupt combos that mix basic attacks, but Chris is an exception.

In-depth analysis of the Q skill - Shooting Dancer Step


1st strike: Shooting Dancer Step (Airborne effect on 2nd hit)

2nd strike: Glider Stomp (Knockdown)


※ Counterable with basic attack after guarding from close range (Difficulty: Normal)


The connecting motion is different from the original versions. In KOF Arena, the strong version of Shooting Dancer Step and Glider Stomp are combined to form one skill. The 2nd hit of Shooting Dancer Step has an airborne effect, and Glider Stomp has a knockdown effect. The jumping motion of Shooting Dancer step and Glider Stomp can be canceled.


▲ Since the motion is big, if the opponent is guarding, you can be countered easily, so you should use it when connecting combos.


In-depth analysis of the W skill - Scramble Dash


- Quick dash strike over a short distance

- Multiple hits

- Blast attacks neutralized during dash motion


Scramble Dash is a 5-hit attack after a short dash. It’s a great skill for playing mind games, as Chris must induce the opponent’s emergency dodge constantly. It’s great when pursuing the opponent, and it has great connections with Crhis’ basic attacks or other skills.


▲ The distance is short, but it’s perfect for Chris.
▲ The dash motion can neutralize the opponent’s blast attack, but save it to connect combos.
▲ The activating motion before the dash doesn’t neutralize blast attacks.

In-depth analysis of the E skill - Direction Change


- Single grapple judgment

- Long paralysis effect

- Becomes a strike skill when too far to grapple (Knockdown)


Direction Change is one of Chris’ signature moves, and in KOF Arena, it is a grapple attack that forces the opponent into a standing state and gives a long paralysis effect. Since you can easily make the opponent use emergency dodge, it’s one of the key skills for Chris, along with Scramble Dash. To play Chris well, you need to know the grapple distance of Direction Change precisely. You can easily grab your opponent from close range, but if it lands at the edge, it turns into a strike attack and knocks down the opponent which could interrupt the combo.


▲ Direction Change easily induces the opponent to use emergency dodge. It’s definitely one of Chris’s signature skills.
▲ When too far to grapple, it turns into a strike skill (Knockdown), so you need to know the distance well.


In-depth analysis of the ‘Finisher’ - Chain Slide Touch (R)


- Multiple hit

- Airborne effect on last strike

- Double finisher possible with 4.3+ PGs


※ Escape + Emergency dodge possible immediately


Since it’s not a single-hit finisher, the opponent can easily get away by using escape and emergency dodge, so it’s good to use when the opponent doesn’t have escape or as a closing move of a combo. As Chris uses basic attacks often, he can collect PGs quickly and use the ultimate skill early, so the finisher isn’t used as often.


▲ Chain Slide Touch is a multiple-hit finisher, and it isn’t used that often.


In-depth analysis of the ‘ultimate’ - Chris of the flames of Destiny (F)


- 10-second animation

- Starts attack after 5 seconds into the animation

- Position swapped with opponent after the animation


Chris has a low ATK stat, so the damage of the ultimate skill is slightly low, but the animation is long, so it’s good to aim for a time over win. As the damage starts to be dealt after 5 seconds, you need to calculate the time well. After the animation is over, you end up on the other side of your opponent, so you need to watch out if you use the directional keys to guard or when you dodge. Although it’s close to the opponent, it’s not close enough to be hit by the opponent’s escape, and you can connect Scramble Dash or Direction Change to connect combos.


▲ Watch out since you end up on the other side of the opponent.

Chris’ ‘basic standing combo’


Shooting Dancer Step (E, Cancel Airborne) → Elbow, Backhand Strike (A1) →

Reverse Anchor Kick (A2) → Spinning Array (A3) → Side kick (A4)


The reason it is important to induce the opponent’s emergency dodge in advance as you build up is that the power of the combo changes depending on the opponent’s cooldown. Only the short standing combo that starts with Shooting Dancer Step can be connected for sure.


You can cancel the 2nd strike Glider Stomp (Knockdown) of Shooting Dancer Step and then connect the four basic attacks. Since the opponent’s post delay ends first after being knocked down, they can roll away, so make sure you cancel Glider Stomp. If you have another skill that isn’t on cooldown when you use the 3rd basic attack Spinning Array, cancel the 4th strike side kick, and connect Scramble Dash or Direction Change.


▲ When the opponent has emergency dodge, you need to cancel after the airborne effect to keep them from getting away.
▲ Cancel the 4th strike side kick and induce the opponent to use emergency dodge by using Scramble Dash or Direction Change.

Chris’ unavoidable ‘Death combo’


Shooting Dancer Step (Q, Cancel 2nd strike) → Elbow, Backhand strike (A1) →

Reverse Anchor Kick (A2) → Spinning Array (A3) → Side kick (A4) → Scramble Dash (W) →

Elbow, Backhand strike (A1) → Reverse Anchor Kick (A2) → Spinning Array (A3) → Side kick (A4) →

Direction Change (E) →  Scramble Dash (W) → Elbow, Backhand strike (A1) →

Reverse Anchor Kick (A2) → Spinning Array (A3) → Side kick (A4)


If the opponent doesn’t have escape and emergency dodge, pound them with the unavoidable infinite combo. It’s a very easy combo since you use all four basic attacks to the end and only need to cancel the 2nd strike of Shooting Dancer Step. If the situation comes, you have much more PG, so you will gain a big advantage over the opponent.


▲ Even without using directional keys, if you just press A, Q, W, E at the right time, you can send the opponent to hell.

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