[KOF Arena] Kagura Chizuru review — a fighter with great deception and ability to contain the opponent

An all-around fighter with solid defense and ability to pressure the opponent


Chizuru has 4,005 ATK and 2,896 DEF, which is great, but her HP is low, so she requires detailed control. Due to her skills, Chizuru needs to contain the opponent from afar to prevent the opponent from approaching while connecting combos. If the opponent doesn’t know Chizuru well, they would fall helplessly. However, if you allow them to approach to fight from close range, you can fall easily, so managing the distance is the most important.


 ▲ Chizuru is one of the few fighters with 4,000+ ATK, but her weakness is that she has low HP.

The start of endless pressure! ‘Basic attacks’


Uppercut → San Rai →  Tamayura → Tenjin (Airborne)


※ Counterable with basic attack after guarding up to 2nd strike (Difficulty: Normal)


The 2nd hit of Chizuru’s basic attacks is a simplified version of her W skill, ‘Uramen 1 Katsu San Rai no Fujin’, which sends a mirror image to attack. The hitbox is quite long, and it’s a multiple-hit attack, so it’s difficult to dodge and react. Through this, you can limit the opponent’s movement and pressure them by using skills and 2 basic attacks to keep the opponent from running away.


The 4th basic attack was an airborne attack in the previous version (100 Katsu Tenjin no Kotowari), so it has an airborne effect in KOF Arena. However, it’s mostly better to cancel the 4th attack after the 3rd attack because the speed of the attack is slow, and the opponent would have time to get away using dodge. If the opponent is airborne, you have to move slightly forward, use 1 basic attack, and then connect skills to continue your combo.


 ▲ Chizuru’s mirror images can confuse even the user, so you have to keep track of your actual position.
 ▲ Keep confusing your opponent by sending mirror images with the 2nd basic attack.
 ▲ Chizuru’s 2nd basic attack can be guarded and countered with a basic attack.

In-depth analysis of the Q skill - Katsu: shin soku no Norito

- A mirror image of Chizuru dashes and hits on 1st attack

- Chizuru herself dashes and hits on 2nd attack (Airborne)


Norito is a dashing strike skill that can connect two hits within 1.5 seconds of using the skill. The 1st strike sends a dashing mirror image, and on the 2nd strike, Chizuru herself dashes forward to make the opponent airborne. The skill is activated very quickly, and since you can decide whether to dash forward or not after seeing how the opponent reacts, it’s good to contain your opponent or blitz them.


 ▲ On the old version, the 1st strike is strong kick, and the 2nd strike is strong punch. The two single skills have been combined in Arena.
 ▲ You can also do a miracle mind game by sending the mirror image to get hit by the opponent’s skill and counter by dashing in yourself.

In-depth analysis of the W skill - Rimen 1 Katsu: Sanrai no Fujin

- A mirror image moves forward to land multiple hits

- Skill cooldown is 7 seconds, and the mirror image lasts for 3.5 seconds


※ Counterable by guarding in close range, then using a basic attack, and grapple attack (Difficulty: Hard)


Fujin sends a mirror image and forces the opponent to use dodge or guard, while Chizuru can move around freely to decide whether to attack or defend according to the situation. If you’re in close range, the opponent can guard the first hit and counter, so you should use it from outside of the opponent’s basic attack/melee skill range.


 ▲ Use it from mid range. If you’re up close, use it after 2 basic attacks.
 ▲ Let the mirror image get hit by your opponent’s skills, then connect skills to attack.
 ▲ If the opponent guards from close range, roll past them to attack.
 ▲ In close range, the opponent would get hit by the mirror image even if they dodge backward, so it’s practically unavoidable.
 ▲ In close range, the opponent can counter by guarding the first strike and using a grapple skill.
 ▲ You can also get countered by a basic attack or a quick strike skill, so keep your distance when you use it.

In-depth analysis of the E skill - 94 Katsu: Rakusui no Jinki


- Standing effect when skill hits


This skill forces the opponent into a standing state, so it’s very useful to connect combos. Like Goenitz’s E skill, Chizuru’s back side also attacks. It’s very effective when the opponent rolls backward, and when the opponent tries to approach quickly from mid-far range.


 ▲ When you see it from both ends, you can see that its range is quite long.
 ▲ Against a dashing opponent, Jinki is better than just containing them. You can counter and even connect combos.

In-depth analysis of the ‘finisher’ - Rimen 85 Katsu: Reigi no Ishizue (R)

- Standing effect when skill hits

- Double finisher possible with at least 4 PGs


※ Escape + Dodge possible during the multiple hits


After a strong 1st strike, there are multiple hits. The animation time is short, so it’s when you want to finish your combo. If the opponent is hit by the multiple hits as well, they will be forced into a standing state, so you can connect combos afterward as well. However, the opponent can dodge the multiple hits through escape+dodge. When all of your skills are on cooldown, and the opponent’s escape is also on cooldown, use MAX mode + finisher with 2 PGs.


 ▲ The damage of the 1st strike is the biggest. The damage of the following multiple hits is about 75% of the 1st strike.
▲ Opponents who were hit by the 1st strike of the finisher can get away with escape+dodge during the multiple hit phase.

In-depth analysis of the ‘ultimate’ - Sanjinginnosan (F)

- 8.4 second animation time

- You can connect Norito after the ultimate


After the ultimate’s animation is over, Chizuru sends her opponent flying away to about mid range. You can connect the combo by using Q, but you need to see if the opponent uses escape after the 1st mirror image attack before following through with the 2nd strike.


 ▲ Since the animation focuses on Chizuru, the opponent can be confused about the distance after the ultimate.

 ▲ Decide whether or not you’ll follow through with the 2nd strike when you use Q depending on the opponent’s escape timing.

Chizuru’s unavoidable ‘death combo’

Uppercut (A1) → San rai (A2) → Tamayura (A3) → Tenjin (A4)

→ Norito (Q1) → Norito (Q2) → Uppercut (A1) → Fujin (W)

→ Uppercut (A1) → Jinki (E) → Repeat from beginning


If the opponent doesn’t understand Chizuru well, they will have a hard time managing their guard gauge, and they’ll often use escape and emergency dodge on mirror image attacks. Use the Q skill following the 4th basic attack and mix one basic attack between the skills. That way, you’ll be able to connect the ‘death combo’ without much trouble. If you have forced the opponent into a standing state after the E skill, start the combo again from the beginning. The key point is to use Jinki before your opponent’s emergency dodge cooldown is refreshed, since if they’re in a standing state, they can get away by using emergency dodge.


 ▲ If the distance is too far, approach little by little when you use your basic attack, or roll forward after using Fujin.

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