[KOF Arena] Is your opponent containing you with blast attacks? ‘Neutralize’ it and give pressure by getting close!

Blast attacks that can contain your opponent safely


Blast attacks are skills that fire a projectile that flies in a straight line, or a skill that pursues the opponent fighter’s position. The range and speed of the blast attack vary by fighter, but they all can commonly attack or contain the opponent safely. Usually, when a blast attack approaches them, the opponent dodges forward and attempts to attack. However, the fighter that used the blast attack can move first while the opponent dodges, so they can attack first.


Guarding the blast attack makes you conscious of the slowly draining HP, and if you dodge forward, you could get hit by the opponent’s connected combos. That is why approaching your opponent after neutralizing the blast attack is important.


▲ Blast attacks that can contain the opponent one-sidedly from afar.
▲ If you dodge forward rashly, it’s dangerous because you can get hit by the opponent’s attacks who can move first.

Blast attacks — neutralize them with skills!

1. Opponent fighter uses blast attack
2. Use skill that can neutralize the blast attack
3. If the blast attack disappears when touching the skill you used, success!

It’s safest to guard the blast attacks based on the fighters’ positions, like Goenitz’s Q or Orochi’s E. When the blast attacks are projectiles, you can neutralize them by using your own blast attack, but this is only recommended when you are far away from the opponent, since when you’re close, your opponent can move first after the blast attack so they still would have the initiative.


Most fighters have at least one skill that can neutralize a blast attack. They have a skill that can neutralize a blast attack while striking/grappling the opponent. Especially, some skills have a great charging motion like Goenitz’s E, so you can neutralize the opponent’s attack while countering immediately or enter close-range combat.


▲ The safest way to react to a blast attack is to neutralize them with your own blast attack.
▲ If you use a skill that can neutralize a blast attack, you can immediately counter.

Induce close-range combat by using a skill that neutralizes blast attacks!

The timings of the skills that neutralize blast attacks vary by fighter, so you must understand them in practice mode to utilize them in actual fights. Think of the blast attack as an opponent — if you use your skill to hit the blast attack, it’ll help you get a grasp of the timing. You just need to get used to the timing a little to use in actual fights to induce close-range combat or counter your opponent.


Even skills that pursue the opponent fighter’s position, like Goenitz’s Q, can be neutralized, although very difficult if you seize the correct timing. The fighters with a pursuing blast attack like this rely much on the ability to attack first, so if you can neutralize it, you can pressure the opponent. That itself ruins half of the opponent’s attack plan.


In the end, when facing a fighter with a blast attack, neutralizing the blast attack and reducing the distance between the two fighters is key. Induce close-range combat or continue to pursue your opponent to pressure them if they’re trying to get away, and it’s best to keep your opponent from gathering themselves.

▲ Countering Orochi’s E with Terry’s W. This is very difficult to execute.
▲ Skill list that can neutralize blast attacks and their timing.

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