[KOF Arena] Connecting combos according to the skill types

Check the “Type” of the skills!

Skills are three types of attacks besides a fighter’s basic attack. The fighter skill list can be checked by pressing the second icon on the right side of the fighter information page. If you look at the skills, you can see an icon inside a diamond shape. This represents the skill type. If you know your enemy and yourself, you can win every battle. To be victorious, you need to know the skill types in advance.


▲ You need to check each fighter’s skill type in advance in the fighter mastery menu.
▲ You can also know the skill types when you fight through the hexagon icon below the skill icon.


‘3 skill types’ you need to know to deal with them


Strike-type : Attacks that hit the enemy like a basic attack

Blast-type : Attacks that throw projectiles from long range 

Grapple-type : Attack that has short range but unguardable

A strike-type is as it suggests — a stronger version of the basic attack. According to the fighter, it hits from close range or dashes from a far range to get close and hit. The basic play management for fighters that are strikers is to combine basic attacks and strike-type skills to create combos. On the other hand, if the opponent is a striker-style fighter, you need to know the difference between a basic attack and a strike-type skill to calculate the timing for guarding, dodging, and escaping as well as counter attack.


▲ Kusanagi Kyo’s W skill is a typical strike-type skill

A blast-type skill is an attack that throws a projectile forward, and it has a long range. You can deal damage from afar, so it’s useful to interrupt your opponent from dashing (S) forward quickly or from using a charging grapple-type skill. It is usually used often to contain your opponent.


▲ If you’re far away, you can safely use a blast-type skill, so it’s great to contain your opponent.

A grapple-type skill has a short range, but it can’t be guarded or escaped, so you can easily connect a combo after grappling when you’re in close range. According to the fighter, there are forms that grapple from near or ones that grapple after charging forward.


▲ Grappling skills can’t be guarded, so the timing for containing your opponent, dodging, and escaping is very important.


Basic combo connections by skill type

The start of connecting combos is to mix skills in between basic attacks. You can also do the opposite by mixing basic attacks between skills. Since all fighters can airborn or knock down an opponent with their basic attacks and skills, you have to use this wisely.


The strike-type skills naturally get close to an opponent, so you can connect a skill combination such as [Basic attack - Skill - Basic attack]. If it’s a fighter that can charge forward, you can begin a combo with a skill to attack first or read the opponent’s next move.


▲ An example of a basic combo using a strike-type skill. The main is to mix basic attacks with skills.

It’s good to start the combo by using a blast-type skill to make an opponent guard or dodge to connect it with a charging attack or a finisher. Even if it isn’t from too far, you can induce an opponent with a blast-type skill to make them guard and make the defensive to distract an enemy. However, with the fighters that don’t move forward much when using basic attacks or skills, it’s difficult to connect a combo after a blast-type attack, so you need to calculate the distance with your opponent well when using it.


▲ You have to use another blast-attack or a skill that moves forward after a blast-attack to connect a combo conveniently.

A grapple-type skill that airbornes or knocks down an opponent has a radical side. Fighters like Orochi Yashiro, whose three skills are all grapple-type, or Daimon Goro and Clark Still, who have two grapple-type skills, have an unsmooth, slow, and blunt basic attack motion. If you mix a basic attack with a grapple-type fighter, the opponent can easily capture the timing to dodge (S) or escape (Space), so there’s a high chance of getting countered. So it’s better to just connect the skills, and if you have to mix basic attacks because of the skills’ cool time or the power gauge, use a basic attack just once in between skills.


▲ A grapple-type basic combo that uses grapple skills consecutively. It’s easier to execute because you don’t use basic attacks.

Super armor, what you need to know before utilizing in actual fights

Super armor: A state where your skill motion doesn’t get interrupted when your opponent lands a basic attack

All fighters’ skills have Super armor against basic attacks. This could be hard to understand. Super armor is a type of shield in which you can continue your skill attack without being interrupted by an opponent’s basic attack. That being said, if a skill attack and basic attack clash, the basic attack is interrupted and the skill attack can continue to connect wholly.


If your opponent used up all three skills and can only use basic attacks, you can use your dodge (S) to advance or use it in an aggressive form, as well as fight with a skill when your opponent uses a basic attack to connect combos.

▲ Yagami Iori using a strike skill and utilizing super armor to ignore Daimon Goro’s basic attack


Combo connections utilized in actual fights by type

Strike-type skills are connected with basic attacks, so it’s easy to be countered by emergency dodge (S) and escape (space), so you need to keep track of the opponent’s defense cooldown time. The EMERGENCY marked on top of the opponent’s head is the gauge that shows the opponent’s emergency dodge cooldown time, so it’s good to use the combo that connects strike-type skills and basic attacks then.


▲ Joe Higashi using a strike-type finisher after checking Yagami Iori’s emergency dodge.

Blast-type skills that are usually used to contain your opponent go well when connected with charging skills. If the opponent guards a blast-type skill, you benefit by taking off their guard gauge and a bit of their HP, and if they’re hit, you can drive into them with a charging skill. If your opponent mixes their dodge while they attack or is an aggressive player who uses their dodge forward, containing them with blast-type skills is more efficient, and it’s convenient to connect with following combos.


▲ As the distance got far, Asamiya Athena contains the opponent with a blast-attack->dashing grapple attack to attack first.

Grapple-type skills can give big damage or induce the opponent to escape, but it’s weak against forward dodges. If you use a grapple-type skill just because you’re close can instead allow an attack chance to an opponent. Therefore, a grapple-type fighter has to induce an opponent to dodge (S) and make their cooldown go off. What’s most important is to get used to using the grapple-type skill about one tempo late.


▲ As Yagami Iori uses his dodge, Daimon Goro counters with a grapple-type skill.

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