DK head coach Acorn: "I believe we are closer to the correct answer than LPL or CL."


The first match of the 2023 LCK Spring Split was held on Jan. 18. With Dplus KIA facing DRX, the LCK season started. From the beginning, Dplus KIA showed dominance. They had two easy wins over DRX, without falling behind once. After the clean 2-0 victory, head coach Choi “Acorn” Cheon-ju and mid laner Heo “ShowMaker” Su joined the media for a brief interview.



How do you evaluate today’s game?


Acorn: I thought we did pretty well during practice. I was slightly concerned about if we could do as well as practice in the tournament. I’m satisfied with today’s results.


ShowMaker: Since it was the first match, we had no data. Our roster changed, and I had high expectations. I’m happy that we had a one-sided win.


(To ShowMaker) You picked Syndra today, who was remade. What is the difference?


ShowMaker: When Syndra was remade, her early game was weakened. Now she scales as the game goes on. As for today, Canyon ganked mid at Lv. 3, so that made up for Syndra’s weak early game.


(To Acorn) The LPL picked champions like K’Sante and Fiora often in the top lane, but today, you didn’t. Do you think the meta would be different in the LCK?


Acorn: I watched the LPL games and CL games as well. Since it was only the first match, I don’t know for sure, but I believe we are closer to the correct answer than LPL or CL.


What are you the most satisfied about in today’s match?


ShowMaker: Although we haven’t played many games together yet, all of our players are good, so we were mostly ahead when we practiced. Sometimes, we overextended and lost our lead because of that, but today, we communicated well as a team and won through that, so I’m satisfied about that.

Acorn: The styles of our drafts were different in game 1 and game 2. I’m satisfied that we played well according to the styles.


Any last comments?


ShowMaker: We had a clean 2-0 victory, but we won’t be careless and we’ll prepare well for the next match so that we can win. Please cheer for us.


Acorn: It is a good start for us. We have been working really hard, so if you keep cheering for us, we’ll try harder to make good results. Thank you.

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