[KOF Arena] “Controller” - An essential item for mining


Controllers are NFT products and they are compulsory for mining FM. You can only gain FM in 1v1 and 3v3 fights while a controller is linked. Also, the more controllers you have, the maximum energy also increases. When you fight with a controller linked, 1 energy is spent per game, and you can gain FM as a win/lose reward. That being said, to mine FM, having a controller is a must.


▲ Gaining 484 FM as a win reward while using a controller

When you have multiple controllers, you can increase your maximum energy up to 100. To reach 100 max energy, you’ll need 30 common controllers, which is the lowest grade. The reason max energy is important is because you recover 25% of your max energy every six hours starting from midnight, so you’ll be able to mine more FM through that energy.


▲ You need to have many controllers to fight more and increase the amount of FM mining.


How can I purchase a controller?


You can buy one controller box with 2,400 diamonds that you can gain through in-app purchases. It’s likely that you’ll gain a COMMON level controller if you open the box, and there’s a 3% chance to gain an UNCOMMON level controller as well. The attributes of the controllers you gain from the boxes are random.


You can also purchase controllers from other users or unopened boxes at Marblex Marketplace. As the controllers are already opened, you can purchase them after seeing the attributes and sockets in detail, but if they have good stats, the price could be higher. Also, to use the marketplace, you need to move coins into your Marblex Wallet through the exchange.


▲ To deal in the marketplace, you need MBX tokens in your Marblex Wallet.
▲ For opened controllers, you can see the attributes in advance.


Recommended controller attributes


Controllers have four attributes and four sockets. Attributes are stats of a controller which is related to FM mining, repairing fee, chances to gain a mystery box, etc. and affects FM mining and farming resources to strengthen your fighter. The most important attribute is Efficiency, and then it’s Resilience. It is recommended that you use a controller that has a high Efficiency and Resilience value.


Efficiency : Increases amount of FM token mining
Luck : Increases chance to gain a mystery box, increases box level
Resilience : Reduces controller durability decrease rate, reduces repair fee
Comfort : To be updated


In the four sockets, you can equip gems. The gems you can equip in the sockets differ by the color. Efficiency is red, luck is blue, comfort is green, and resilience is yellow. You can’t change the colors of the sockets. The sockets open when you increase your controller level to 5, 10, 15, and 20, in the order of top left, top right, bottom left, and bottom right.


The controllers that have high Efficiency and Resilience are good, and to equip gems for those attributes, you want sockets that are red and yellow.


▲ Increase the amount of FM mining by linking a controller with high Efficiency stats

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