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Mechanical Keyboards for the Masses

Over the past decade we've seen a major boom for mechanical keyboards. The once niche tool is now a mainstay hobby project for millions, and gamers are at the forefront of the fandom.

Unfortunately for many, the price of these keyboards has risen with their popularity. Hobbyists will regularly spend $250+ on a keyboard, making the jump from a rubber-dome to a mechanical much more daunting for young gamers and new enthusiasts.



Redragon Keyboards

Thankfully, we have good news. Amazing budget friendly options are becoming readily available, and companies like REDRAGON are to thank. We had the pleasure of reviewing their K565 RUDRA keyboard (and accompanying mouse) for this article, and we're not disappointed. If you're in a rush to click BUY NOW on a $50 keyboard and need the TLDR, we say go for it, you won't be dissapointed.

If you're looking for some more details, keep reading. This full sized (104 key) keyboard is a beast on your desk and certainly looks the part. The all black colorway and controllable RGB lighting is timeless, and it comes stock with red linear switches. While everyone has their own personal preferences, this tends to be the most popular choice among hardcore gamers due to the consistent and precise travel of the keycaps.

Currently coming in under $50, this is a great option for people looking for their first mechanical keyboard, as a gift, or a new board to try out linear gaming switches. Being a full sized keyboard, the numberpad also makes it a workhorse for day-to-day use.

While there are some features we miss having - such as a detachable cable and hot-swappable switches - it's hard to complain about the value here. The last keyboard we used that had all the features present in the REDRAGON along with those aforementioned was pushing $200, so for less than a third of the price, they've earned themselves a fan. If you're a fan of this board and want to upgrade, or like the style but need a certain feature, they offer a wide assortment of options on their website.

Similarly, the Redragon Gaming Mouse is a simple and clean choice for anyone looking to upgrade their setup. For only $20, you get access to programmable buttons, custom DPI settings, and literally millions of RGB lighting options. This pair of keyboard and mouse not only work great, but look great on your desk together. 


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