MIR4 Announces Major Updates for 2023

The following was sent to Inven Global via press release.


Wemade revealed ‘Director’s Commentary: The Future of MIR4’ video on its official Youtube channel featuring PD Sung Jungkook and CM Yunyoung Choi where it went over the major updates from 2022 and changes that will be updated in 2023. 


Revitalizing the game with Inter-server content and Seoul Spooning 2022




Last year, MIR4 presented inter-server contents where players could cross servers to fight in more battles, thus providing new battle experiences and more entertainment. Through Bicheon Heist, the fight for Darksteel became more intense, and the Tower of Black Dragon led to the beginning of Domination Servers, which allowed players to cooperate or fight against other players from different servers. 


Additionally, through Seoul Spooning 2022, a new game token HYDRA was introduced. HYDRA is used to trade game items or in auctions. HYDRA Payments can be used to purchase in-game items. 


On top of this, it also introduced NFT characters and created a channel where in-game characters could be taken outside of games and with this, it created a NFT character staking game called MIRAGE, announcing the start of inter-game economy. Darksteel and items acquired from MIRAGE could be used back in MIR4, which created a cycle of smooth game economic system. 



Introducing the Darkest and expansion of HYDRA 



With the theme of ‘New Experiences’, MIR4 is undergoing many changes. First, a new area, Snowfield Area, will be added in the near future. This new area, covered in snow and ice, will have many new powerful monsters and exciting stories. 


A new class, the Darkest, will finally join MIR4. Players will be able to engage in many combats unlike any other classes, and enjoy a completely new type of gameplay. 


Castle Siege of Domination Servers, where the most powerful in their own servers come together to fight to become the true ruler for 3 weeks, and Valley of Life and Death, will be the climax of the new battle contents. 


HYDRA from MIR4 will be expanded into the WEMIX ecosystem and it will be used as a method to obtain DOGMA, a governance token of MIR M. The expansion of HYDRA will not only promote the value, but also revitalize the economy of MIR4 in general. 


“MIR4 is preparing to undergo major changes in 2023,”said PD Sung. “We look forward to your continued support for the ever-involving HYDRA and the ecosystem of MIR4.”


The Future of MIR4, which outlines plans for 2023, is available on its official Youtube channel. 


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