[LCK Awards] Zeka: "Since I didn’t do well during the regular season, I thought it would be Zeus or Keria..."


On Dec. 22, Kim “Zeka” Geon-woo was named Player of the Year at the 2022 LCK Awards. Over the year, Zeka did everything he could in DRX’s mid lane and led the team in the world championship run, and he was voted as the player of the year for 2022. After the award ceremony, Zeka joined the media for a brief interview.



How do you feel about the Player of the Year award?


I’m deeply moved that I was given such a big and meaningful award. When they called my name up there, my head went blank, and I wasn’t able to think about anything, but it’s coming to me now. I’m ecstatic. Next year, I’ll become a much better player so that I can get this award again.


What do you think made the people vote for you?


I didn’t do that well during the regular season in the LCK, so I didn’t expect to be named player of the year. I guess Worlds had much to do with it. There was some luck involved.


There were a lot of ups and downs over the year. Which match was the most memorable?


The most memorable match was the quarterfinals against EDG. We were down two games, but we reverse-swept them, so that stuck in my memory. I think that match is the most memorable for other people as well.


Which champion do you think represents you?


I picked Akali for the championship skin. I think it’s because Akali played a major role in us winning Worlds.


You said you didn’t expect to become player of the year. Who did you think would be awarded?


Since I didn’t do well during the regular season, I thought it would be Zeus or Keria, who played consistently well throughout the seasons and Worlds.


You’ve moved to Hanwha Life Esports now. Have you met your teammates? How are they?


All of my teammates are older than me, so they look after me well. They all came on the stage to give me flowers, and they’re great players. I think we’ll do well.


What do you think you need to improve for next year? In what are you most confident?


To get such an award, or to reach a certain level, I think players need luck as much as skills. I believe that helped me this year. Also, we need confidence as we are pro players. I’ll continue to work hard, thinking that anything can be done with confidence.


You’ve become the player of the year, and you’d be preparing for 2023. After the LoL esports seasons, the Asian Games will be held. Do you have any dreams for that?


I’m not looking that far ahead, and I’m not too looking forward to being selected. It’s a great goal to aim for, but the bigger the goal, the bigger the discouragement when failing. So first, I want to play in the spring split, then maybe in the MSI to learn and gain more experience.


What are your goals for next year?


My biggest goal is to win two straight Worlds. As a closer goal, I want to win an LCK regular season.

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