[Marvel Snap Guide] Identifying your opponent’s endgame


Most of the time, decks in Marvel Snap are made by putting together cards that have similar effects or ones that have a good synergy. So by seeing the cards your opponent plays early in the game, you can predict the endgame of the opponent. As one Marvel Snap game mostly ends in six turns, knowing your opponent’s endgame and dealing with it is crucial.


There will be more and more cards that users can use, and there will be more concept decks. However, some low-cost cards from pool 1 and pool 2 can reveal the endgame of the deck, and by identifying the end game, you can raise your win rate and learn when to escape early.


Use White Queen


White Queen copies the highest-cost card from your opponent’s hand to your hand, so this is great to see your opponent’s endgame plan. Depending on what card you copied, you can play your cards to your favor, and even use your opponent’s card against them.



Frequently used cards: Antman, Ebony Maw, Lizard, Mojo, Captain America, Colossus, Armor, Cosmo, etc.


Spectrum adds +2 power to all Ongoing cards. The main cards for Spectrum decks are obviously cards with Ongoing abilities. The cards usually played early in the game are Antman, Lizard, Armor, Mojo, etc. Keep an eye on where the opponent can play Spectrum, and calculate how much would be added to a location carefully.


If you remove the Ongoing abilities of the opponent’s card(s) by using Enchantress before they can use Spectrum, they won’t gain the effect. Another counter is Cosmo. Play Cosmo at a location where the opponent could use Spectrum.


Although the endgame for these decks is usually Spectrum, there are other endgames they can play, such as Iron Man, Klaw, or Destroyer. Always keep in mind that there are several variables your opponent can play for these decks.



Frequently used cards: Armor, Cosmo, Bucky Barnes, Colossus, etc.


Since Destroyer is a 15-power card, it can quite easily gain control of one location on the last turn. However, its biggest weakness is that it destroys all other cards that are played, so to play Destroyer, there has to be Cosmo or Armor on at least one of the locations. 


Destroyer decks usually focus on two locations, and they usually play Destroyer where Cosmo is located. When facing Destroyer decks, try to focus on locations where your opponent won’t play Destroyer, and make sure you’re ahead in those locations before the last turn starts.


Since Cosmo is a crucial card for playing Destroyer, many of the decks are formed with Ongoing cards, so always keep in mind of the possibility of your opponent playing Spectrum instead.


Devil Dinosaur

Frequently used cards: Agent 13, Quinjet, The Collector, Cable, Sentinel, Moon Girl, etc.


The Dino decks have to have many cards in their hands, so their decks consist of several cards that draw cards to their hands. One of the best combos for this deck is 4th turn-Moon Girl, 5th turn-Dino, 6th turn-Dino+Agent 13. Some use Quinjet to play more cards, and in this case, they can play a bigger combo like Dino+Agent 13+ Agent 13+Sentinel in the last turn if they copied their hand with Moon Girl.


There are more counters against this deck than against other endgames: Enchantress, Shang-Chi, and Rogue. When you plan to counter Devil Dinosaur with these cards, make sure you play them on the final turn so that your opponent can’t make a comeback.


Endgame variables for Devil Dinosaur are Aero, Leader, Magneto, etc., but keep in mind that anything can come up if they play cards like Agent 13, Agent Coulson, or Nick Fury.


Silver Surfer

Frequently used cards: Brood, Maximus, Ironheart, Wolfsbane, 3-cost cards, Sera, Wong, etc.


Silver Surfer decks are usually quite easy to identify, as they usually play 3-cost cards. However, when the combo is played properly, they’re extremely strong. The key cards you should look out for are Brood and Maximus, so always prepare for a big power boost in locations your opponent played those cards when you play against them.


The best counter to Silver Surfer decks is Cosmo, as it can shut down On Reveal effects completely. Since the 3-cost cards usually aren’t that strong by themselves, make sure you play first when going into the final turn, and play Cosmo where your opponents are projected to play Silver Surfer


Magik is also often included in Silver Surfer decks, and they often play Silver Surfer where they played Magik. Playing Wave before the last turn is also a decent counter against Silver Surfer decks.



Frequently used cards: Blade, Morbius, Colleen Wing, discard cards


Discard decks are extremely strong in the current meta. As these cards naturally get rid of the players’ hands, the vanilla stats of the cards are higher than normal, so these decks can easily gain control of the locations. What makes it harder to face is that its endgame is also extremely strong in Swarm, Hela, Apocalypse, and Dracula.


When your opponent plays Dracula, always watch out for that area, as they would have cards like Apocalypse or The Infinaut in their hand at the end. Also, since Dracula’s power isn’t decided until the end of the game, it can’t be stopped or countered by any other cards. If they discarded Swarm, they’ll be able to play multiple cards on the last turn as well.


Obviously, they start discarding their cards from early in the game, so it’s easy to identify. You should always keep an eye on the cards they discard, as they can return with Hela or Ghost Rider.



Frequently used cards: Squirrel Girl, Misty Knight, Mister Sinister, Debrii, cards without any abilities, etc.


The Patriot decks are also easy to identify since players usually don’t include cards without any abilities in their decks. You still need to beware of their endgame, since if they play the Patriot-Mystique-Onslaught combo, the cards without any abilities get +8 power. This makes Misty Knight a 10-power card. Another card to look out for is Debrii, which can block a location that you’re going to play.


The best counters to this deck are Enchantress and Rogue, but if your opponent keeps their card until the last turn, it might be difficult to deal with. Other endgames to this deck are Blue Marvel, Onslaught, and Ultron.

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