Early decks possible with a few pool 3 cards in Marvel Snap


Starting from pool 3, the cards in Marvel Snap begin to get much harder to predict. Sera reduces the cost of all of your cards in your hand and Wong activates on reveal effects twice. Dr. Doom places a 5-power card in all three areas, and Leader copies all the cards your opponent played on that turn.


However, the pool 3 cards are much more difficult to gain, as they aren’t guaranteed like before. You’ll have to grind hours and games to earn the card that you want. When you’re early in pool 3, you’ll have to build a deck around your pool 1 and pool 2 cards with a few pool 3 cards that you gained. Here are some decent decks that you can use at that stage.


Note that these are examples of some decks, and any card could be substituted with other cards.

Negative Odin

Image via Snap.Fan

Cost 1: Sunspot

Cost 2: Angela, Scorpion

Cost 3: Ironheart, Bishop, Wolfsbane

Cost 4: Mister Negative, Jubilee, Shang-Chi

Cost 5: Iron Man, White Tiger

Cost 6: Odin


This is a deck utilizing Mister Negative. The effect of Mister Negative is to switch the cost and power of each card in your deck, so the deck is formed mostly of cards that have low power while they have good effects. Basically, you should play this deck similar to how you play an Odin deck, but there are many variables you could create through Mister Negative.


For example, if you played Mister Negative while Iron Man is in your deck, when you draw Iron Man, it’ll be a 0/5 card that doubles the power of an area. Jubilee will be ¼, White Tiger will be 1/5, and Shang-Chi will be 3/4.


The only pool 3 card in this deck is Mister Negative. If you gain Wong, you can include it as well.

Wong Odin

Image via Snap.Fan

Cost 1: Yondu, Iceman

Cost 2: Okoye, Scorpion

Cost 3: Ironheart, Wolfsbane, Nakia

Cost 4: Wong, Jessica Jones

Cost 5: White Tiger, Black Panther

Cost 6: Odin


As Wong activates the on reveal effects twice, it goes great with your Odin deck. The 4-6 turn combo in Wong, White Tiger, and Odin can fill up your field with white tigers in no time, so it can make it easy for you to win the game. However, there are clear counters in Cosmo and Enchantress, so always design a plan B for your deck.


The only pool 3 cards in this deck are Wong and Black Panther. Black Panther was available in the season pass, so it wouldn’t have been hard to gain. If you include Arnim Zola and Mystique, the deck can get much stronger.

Lockjaw Jubilee

Image via Snap.Fan

Cost 2: Domino

Cost 3: Scarlet Witch, Wolfsbane, Lockjaw, Killmonger

Cost 4: Jubilee, Shang-Chi, Moon Girl

Cost 5: Devil Dinosaur, Gamora

Cost 6: America Chavez, The Inifinaut


This is a Jubilee deck that utilizes Lockjaw. When you play a card where Lockjaw is placed, Lockjaw swaps it with a card in your deck. If you play Jubilee where Lockjaw is, two cards from your deck will be played in that position. The Lockjaw-Jubilee combo is strong, as it can summon several high-cost cards in one turn.


You should decide which high-cost cards you want to use as you prefer. Odin is a good choice to include as well — when Odin appears by Jubilee, Jubilee plays another card from your deck, so you can take charge of the area very quickly.


Lockjaw is the only pool 3 card that you need in this deck. The other recommended pool 3 cards for this deck are The Hood, Thor, etc.

Strong Sera

Image via Snap.Fan

Cost 1: Sunspot, Antman, Blade

Cost 2: Angela, Lizard, Scarlet Witch

Cost 3: Bishop, Wolfsbane, Swordmaster

Cost 4: Strong Guy

Cost 5: Sera

Cost 6: America Chavez


When you have Sera, it gets much easier to finish off your hand and activate Strong Guy’s ongoing effect. You’ll have to manage the cost remaining in your hand well to play this deck to finish off your hand. After playing Strong Guy and Sera, wipe out your hand with the lowered cost. America Chavez is used to increase the chances of drawing Sera from your deck. You can simply discard it with one of your discard cards like Blade or Swordmaster.


Image via Snap.Fan

Cost 1: Squirrel girl, Misty Knight, Nightcrawler

Cost 2: Mister Sinister, Shocker

Cost 3: Patriot, Debrii, Cyclops

Cost 4: Kazar

Cost 5: Blue Marvel

Cost 6: Onslaught, Ultron


Patriot’s ongoing effect increases the power of cards without any abilities by 2, so the cards that don’t have any abilities are included. Squirrel girl, Mister Sinister, and Ultron summon cards that don’t have any abilities, so they were included to increase the effect of Patriot. You’ll have to be careful of the opponent’s Enchantress, as Patriot has an ongoing effect.


One of the biggest downsides of this deck is that your opponent can easily predict what your deck is. Try to play Patriot as late as possible to prevent it from falling to Enchantress. You can also utilize Cosmo. Ultron works out well since you can reinforce your field if your opponent wipes your 1-cost cards out with Killmonger. 


If you have Mystique, it works really well with Patriot. 

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