Top-tier pool 2 decks in Marvel Snap


The pool 2 cards in Marvel Snap span from collection level 222 through 486. It consists of 25 different cards that will give you a slight boost for the decks you’ve created up to this level. For those of you who are in this group, here are some great decks you can use for your games.



Move Deck


With the addition of Cloak, Vision, and Vulture, the move deck got a significant boost. With Cloak, you can move around your cards for extra bonuses. Vulture reduced the level of reliance on Multiple Man, and Vision could make it difficult for the opponent to decide how to react before the last turn.


Multiple Man, Hulk Buster, and Doctor Strange are still key cards of the move deck. When you have these cards in your hand early in the game, early snaps can be very useful. Using the Vulture, Iron Fist, and Kraven combo is also great to build up towards the final Heimdal strike.


However, the biggest weakness of the move deck is that it is fairly predictable. Heimdal simply moves everything to the left as long as there’s space, so you can get countered by your opponent more often than not. To make up for this weakness, you should include America Chavez or The Incredible Hulk to make it more complicated for the opponent.


Jubilee Big Deck


The Jubilee big deck doesn’t always guarantee a high win rate, but when it works out well, it’s extremely fun. Quicksilver and Domino are included so that you won’t draw those big cards early in the game. When using this deck, you should focus on just two areas to spill out your cards. In that matter, including Warpath in the deck is a good choice as well.


The key point of this deck is to escape if you don’t draw Jubilee in your hand until the 4th turn. If you have The Infinaut in your hand on the 5th turn, pass the turn to play it in the last turn.


Obviously, the biggest weakness of the big decks is that if your hand is too big, you can’t play. Quicksilver and Domino prevent this from happening, but afterward, it’s pure luck. It’s a fun deck for sure, but not that recommended for climbing.


Dino Deck


The Dino deck from pool 1 got a bit more solid with the addition of The Collector. When you play this deck, don’t always use Agent 13 in the first turn. Depending on the situation, you should consider playing it after you’ve played The Collector. Besides that, you should play it generally the same way as before.


The biggest enemies of the Devil Dinosaur are Shang-Chi and Enchantress. Make sure you check who reveals first in the last turn when you play to avoid getting struck down. The player who’s leading the board goes first.


Control Deck

The key cards of the control decks are Cosmo, Shang-Chi, and Enchantress. The deck power may not be as strong as the other decks, but you can see how your opponent plays and play accordingly. The Storm+Jessica Jones combo is always a decent way to finish off an area, and it can limit the area where your opponent can play their last card(s). This helps when you try to counter your opponent’s big cards with Shang-Chi or Enchantress. 


The key to playing this deck is to identify what your opponent wants to do. In that regard, White Queen is a great card to play, as it copies the highest-cost card in your opponent’s hand to your hand. If you can predict what your opponent’s finisher is earlier, you wouldn’t need to use White Queen, so try to gain more initiative in the areas. Save Shang-Chi and Enchantress for last, as they will decide the outcome of the game. If you also save a 2-cost card to play with them, it'll be extra helpful as well.

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