Top-tier pool 1 cards and decks for Marvel Snap


Gaining cards in Marvel Snap is a bit different from other collectible card games. Instead of having to open endless numbers of card packs, you need to raise your collection level to gain new cards. The types of cards you can gain depend on your collection level. As you gain cards randomly, there are certain decks that you can’t play if you don’t have a specific card.


When you’re just beginning, you have to use any card to complete a deck. It is important to know how you should use the cards. Here are some cards that are useful for beginners — useful cards for pool 1 players who have a collection level 214 and under.

Is this a good card? 

ㄴ Recommended cards for pool 1 players

Which cards are good? Collection level 18-214 is considered as pool 1. If you pass collection level 214, you can gain new cards from pool 2. There are about 70 cards in pool 1. As you progress, you can gain a “mystery card” from the pool. As the cards you gain through the mystery cards are random, you have to use other cards before you can use what you want.


How should you calculate how valuable a card is? It gets easy when you think about cards without any abilities. Misty Knight doesn’t have any abilities while it costs 1 energy and has 2 power. This is the default value of a 1-cost card. If the power potential is higher than 2, it’s good, if it isn’t, the value is lower.


In the same regard, cost 2 cards have 3 power, cost 3 has 4, cost 4 has 6, cost 5 has 9, and cost 6 has 12. If a card has an effect that values higher than this, it would be considered a good card.


When you evaluate a card like this, what’s important is the card’s versatility. The easier the effect is gained, the value is higher. Starlord is a 2-2 card, but if the opponent plays a card in the same location, its power rises by 3, but if the opponent doesn’t, it’s just a 2-power card worth 2 energy — the same as a typical 1-cost card. On the other hand, Medusa can gain 2 power by simply positioning it in the center location. It will be worth 4 power for just 2 energy, so you can say it’s more versatile than Starlord.


Some top-tier cards can be used in many situations and are used in later decks. If you gained one of the top-tier cards, you can use them right away in your deck. Nightcrawler is one of the best 1-cost cards. You can move the location once, so you can evade locations where the card power decreases, cover empty locations, or make it difficult for the opponent to calculate the total power.


Rocket Racoon is also another card that has high value. It costs 1 energy while having 2 power, and depending on where the opponent plays their card, its power can increase to 4, so the card’s potential is much higher than its vanilla value.



Angela and Scarlet Witch are decent 2-cost cards. If you play just one card in the location where Angela is, it is worth its cost. If you put 2-3 more cards, it’s worth as much as a 4-cost card. Scarlet Witch can change the location. It works great when there is a location that you want to avoid.


America Chavez is a card that costs 6 and has 9 power, so its vanilla stats are lower than that of the Hulk (6-12). However, it doesn’t get drawn until the last turn, so it’s the same as making your 12-card deck into 11 cards. You’ll have a slightly higher chance of drawing a card that you need with 11 cards than 12 cards.


Kazar increases the power of your 1-cost cards by 1. It’s great when you use a lot of 1-cost cards. Using its ongoing effect, you can strengthen all areas.



Cards like Captain America, Ironheart, Namor, and Enchantress are also great in certain situations. Captain America goes well with a low-cost deck. Ironheart may have 0 power, but it can increase a total of 6 power to other cards. Namor is great for taking over a location alone, and Enchantress disables all Ongoing effects.

Theme Decks


The above is mostly based on versatility — cards that can be used in different decks. Now, what do you need if you want to create a deck of a certain concept? The main theme decks of pool 1 are Ongoing, On Reveal, Discard, Move, Dino, and Destroy.


Some cards that have good combinations can create much power. For example, Moon Girl is a 4-4 card, so its value is low. However, when it is combined with Devil Dinosaur, it becomes a great card. You can multiply your hand and play a 15-power Devil Dinosaur in your 5th and 6th turns. You would need to gain those two cards, but if you do, you can create a strong deck.



One of the most frequently played decks is the Ongoing deck. The combination of several 1-cost cards and Kazar is great, while Namor takes over an empty location. It’s also effective with Captain America and Onslaught, which increases the power of a single location. Another advantage is that the key cards are easy to gain.



The destroy deck utilizes Nova, Angel, Carnage, Wolverine, and Deathlok. You can combine the cards with other cards to finish your deck. When you destroy Nova using Carnage or Deathlok, you can gain much power for other cards.


The discard deck utilizes cards like Apocalypse and Wolverine. Apocalypse returns to your hand with +4 power whenever it’s discarded from your hand, and Wolverine is played on a random area when it’s discarded or destroyed. By using cards like Lady Sif or Sword Master, you can power up your Apocalypse and strike the strengthened Apocalypse to finish the game. However, the key cards can be difficult to gain.



The On Reveal deck is convenient to use early. Many cards have decent power potential. By securing some locations to lead to Odin, it is also strong in the late-game power fights. Make sure to be careful of where you place Odin if you have Carnage in your deck.

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