T1 Faker: "There’s only one step left now."

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On Oct. 29, T1 defeated JD Gaming 3-1 in the semifinals of the 2022 LoL World Championship. Although T1 lost the first game, they won three straight games smoothly to secure the first ticket to the finals. After the match, Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok and Ryu “Keria” Min-seok joined Drakos and Jeesun Park for an interview.



How does it feel to be finally back at a world final?


Faker: I had a good feeling this time, and I’m really happy that there’s only one step left now. I want to hold on to this opportunity for the fans this time around.


Now for you Keria, it is your first final. How does it feel to take down JDG and move on to the next bo5?


Keria: We reached the finals by beating RNG and JDG. Since I think they’re both strong teams, so I’m really happy. This is my fourth international tournament, and my results were quarterfinals, semifinals, and runner-up in order up to now. This time, I’ll do my best so that I can win the championship.


You and Gumayusi killed 2v2 and died 2v2. What do you think about your individual performance today?


Keria: My performance today was pretty good. During the laning phase during game 1, I was a bit nervous, so I kind of dropped the ball, but other than that, I’m pretty happy.


Game 2 and 3 was Ryze, a pick everyone in the world knows you for. Why here, why today was Ryze the right choice for you?


Faker: My friend Ryze kept nagging me and asking if I wasn’t going to pick him, so I gave it a go.


Keria, a lot of your former teammates and friends will play each other to decide who you’ll be meeting in the final. Who do you expect to be facing you in San Francisco?


Keria: DRX and Gen.G — since they’ve reached this point, both teams are great teams. I have no clue who’ll win tomorrow. Since I’ve already won, I hope anyone makes it so we can meet at the highest stage.


Last time you faced Gen.G in the finals, you lost. What will be different this time around for you to become the world champion?


Faker: We’ve been grinding hard since our last loss against Gen.G, so we’ll be able to prove that it’s different this time at Worlds.


There are three LCK teams left and zero LPL teams left. Which region is the best region?


Keria: I believe it’s LCK, and among the LCK, it’s T1.


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