DRX Deft: "My goal from before Worlds was to see that I was improving... I got that feeling today"

On Oct. 23, in the 2022 LoL World Championship, DRX came back from 0-2 to reverse sweep EDward Gaming. There were critical situations for DRX, but they overcame everything and became the last qualifiers for the semifinals. After the win, Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu and Hong “Pyosik” Chang-hyeon joined Sjokz and Jeesun Park for an emotional interview on stage.



Happy birthday, Deft. It's been 2,942 days since you made the last semifinal. What does it mean to finally be back?


Deft: [Starts crying] I tried not to cry… My goal from before Worlds was to see that I was improving, even if we don't win the championship. I got that feeling today… I’m so happy now.


I want to ask you about game 5. The steal near the end of it, and the final fight. And the moment you realized that you'll be making your semifinal. 


Pyosik: It was difficult since we started the game with two losses, but before we went into the next game, Juhan told me a story from the Olympics fencing. There was a player who told himself, “I can do it, I can do it”, and actually won a medal. So I did the same, telling my teammates that we could do it. It was really scary when Fiora was cut off at the end, but fortunately, I stole the dragon and Zeka went in well. I’m happy that we finished the game well.



I just have to commend you so much and the team for staying in the series after the end of game 2. I just want to know from your perspective how you handled that within the team, and how you overcame that to win the next three games.


Deft: Even when we lost the first two games, I didn’t think they were unbeatable. I sincerely believed that we were better, so I kept telling my teammates that we were better. In game 2, I almost destroyed the Nexus, and that kept flashing through my head… I don’t even want to imagine how it would have been if we lost today.


And you didn't. So Pyosik, when it comes to DRX, I think you have been underestimated the whole year. Even in making it to the World Championship. How rewarding is it for you as a player and as a team to show everybody that you can do it and make it to the semifinals?


Pyosik: Frankly, objectively, I did underperform over the year. That’s regretful, but Deft told me, winning is what matters. Since we won today, and that’s what matters, I’m good. [Laughs]


Now Pyosik, in the LCK broadcast, Jeesun told me, and I went back to check. There’s something called a Pyosik ceremony, meaning that whenever you win a game, you do an impression of a champion. Would you please do this for us today?



[Laughs] What was it?


Pyosik: It’s me as Viego after killing Viper’s Aphelios.


Deft, when someone is victorious on stage, of course, someone, unfortunately, has to be at the losing end as well. And at the other side, there were two people that you know very well, as well as an organization you cherish. Is there anything you'd like to say to Scout and Meiko?


Deft: Facing the two players — they were so good, it was really hard playing against them. I believe they don’t need any words of consolation as they are very strong. I hope we can face each other again in the future.


Up next, you have a formidable opponent in Gen.G. What are your thoughts on facing them?


Deft: From the regional qualifiers, there were former teammates — players that play with the same goal as I have. It’s a bit uncomfortable, but what can you do? I’ll need to play well and beat them. [Laughs]



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