Proving that the gap is wide, JDG takes down Rogue 3-0 and moves onto the semifinals

Image via LoL Esports flickr

On day 1 of the 2022 LoL Esports quarterfinals, JDG defeated Rogue 3-0 and became the first team to move onto the semifinals of the event. They now await the winners of the T1 vs RNG match to face in the semifinals.


In game 1, the two teams first clashed in the top lane, where Malrang tried to gank the top lane to get Odoamne ahead. However, Kanavi had a good read on Malrang’s jungle pathing, which led to a countergank by Kanavi, resulting in a Rift Herald capture, as well as a 40 cs lead for Kanavi over Malrang. Despite Malrang trying to bring back momentum by getting kills on members of JDG in the bot lane, JDG took control of the game by winning the third drake teamfight. At that point, they managed to capture the Baron Nashor and charged mid and bot lane to take Rogue’s Nexus. 


JDG started the game with a massive advantage in the bot lane, which stemmed from the priority that the JDG bot lane had. Kanavi was able to utilize it to successfully dive Rogue’s bot lane. This massive advantage led to JDG’s bot lane taking the tier one bot lane by 12 minutes. Hope-Missing was able to use the advantages that they had to take down the tier 1 turrets in the mid & top lane. While Rogue tried to equalize through objectives, the gold lead at 26 minutes proved to be too much of a gap. The teamfight at the 28 minute mark was what solidified the game for JDG, as Yagao zoned out all five members of Rogue, while the rest of his team took the Baron Nashor. Yagao even scored a kill through the use of the stolen Maokai ult, which led his team to charge straight into the Nexus and lead the series 2-0.


Game 3 saw JDG take Lucian-Nami, while Rogue answered with Kalista-Soraka. Rogue’s bot lane did gain advantages in the bot lane early, but JDG gained advantages in the top lane when 369 scored a solo kill on Odoamne. Rogue did push their leads much better up until the 27 minute mark, with Comp and Leblanc managing to get more kills under their pocket. However, JDG completely took over after the 30 minute mark, when they found a huge teamfight victory in the mid lane by utilizing the fed Ornn. From that point on, JDG just pushed mid lane and straight into Rogue’s Nexus, knocking the last Western team out of the tournament.


JDG will face the winners of the T1 vs RNG match in the semifinals of the tournament, on Oct 30.

Image via LCK Broadcast

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