RGE Comp: "It was a very tough group stage, and week 2 was surely disappointing for every EU fan."

Source: LCK Korea

*This interview was conducted on the LCK broadcast after Rogue’s win over GAM Esports.


On Oct. 16, in the 2022 LoL World Championship, Rogue managed to collect their fourth win in the group stage to secure a spot in the knockout stage. After six games, Rogue had a 4-2 record and were tied with DRX. After a tiebreaker game, Rogue advanced as the second seed from Group C.


The one win that really mattered for Rogue was their first game against GAM Esports, where they dominated the Rift. After they took the game, Rogue bot laner Markos “Comp” Stamkopoulos spoke to Jeesun Park about the win. “We were very aware of what their plan was,” he said. “So we executed our plans really well.”


Rogue’s win over GAM Esports was the first win an LEC team gained in the second round of the group stage. “I don’t really blame them. No one really expected them to pass the group stage because they have very tough groups,” said Comp, and added, “For sure, it was a very tough group stage, and week 2 was surely disappointing for every EU fan.”


Jeesun also asked Comp how Rogue differed from the other LEC teams. Comp pointed out that their priorities were different. “Our bot lane is kind of different, especially from G2. G2 prioritizes more weak bot lanes right now while having a strong top side,” he said.


“Unfortunately, that’s not the meta right now. Champions like Caitlyn and Yuumi have very high priorities and are very strong. That’s why they’re almost perma-banned.” As Comp continued, he emphasized that the biggest difference was the bot lane. “We are way more flexible and play way more champs than the other teams.”


Jeesun’s last question was about which team would advance from Group C along with Rogue. “I’m not saying this because this is on LCK broadcast, but I think DRX will advance.”

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