T1 Zeus: "I think the LCK teams are stronger. I hope to see an LCK vs LCK finals this year."

Screen grabbed via LCK broadcast


It was a perfect 3-0 for T1 on day 5 of the 2022 LoL World Championship group stages. Not only did they get their revenge for their loss against Fnatic, they also managed to shut out Cloud9 and EDward Gaming. With this victory, they now move onto the quarterfinals as the 1st seed of the group, while EDG moves on as the 2nd seed.


From solo kills to carrying teamfights, T1’s top laner, Choi “Zeus” Woo-je put on a clinic on the Worlds stage. The following is his post-match interview with Sjokz and Jeesun Park.

Congratulations on moving onto the quarterfinals in 1st place. How do you look back on T1’s performance in the group stages?


We lost to Fnatic in round 1 of the round robin, so that was a bit of a bummer, but I’m happy with the 3-0 today.


You have stepped up as the main carry of the team this year. How happy are you with your personal performance and how do you think you matched up with the World’s best so far?


I feel that everyone was very good. My confidence was on the lower side in recent days, but I’m relieved that things worked out today.


Now that you’re getting into these Best of 5s, how much would you say that T1 has worked on their strategic depth, and the ability to evolve throughout the tournament?


We’ve been practicing hard once we got here in the States, and I feel that things are going in our favor, so I’m excited for the quarterfinals.


In recent years, it has always been the LCK vs LPL in the finals. How strong are the LPL in this tournament?


I think the LPL teams are strong, but I think the LCK teams are stronger. I hope to see an LCK vs LCK finals this year.

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