CHF Topoon: "If we could reach the group stage, I really want to play against Fudge."

Source: Riot Games

Chiefs Esports Club had a bad start at the 2022 LoL World Championship as they lost their first two games in the Play-ins. However, their games showed hope for improvement in the games to come. After their loss on the first day, Kim “Topoon” Ji-hoon joined Inven Global for a brief chat.



It’s been two years since I interviewed you last. How have you been?


I’ve been doing alright.


Since then, you’ve been to the US. How was it there?


I just stayed at home most of the time. Since there are guns there, I was too scared to go out. [Laughs] As for playing LoL, there was a schedule, so I played accordingly.


How did you return to Australia?


After I left Immortals, I was looking for a team when Raes called me up and said, “Let’s go to Worlds again.” So we gathered again, brought in Arthur as the jungler, and Babip went to a coaching role.


Since you’re playing with former teammates, it would have been much more comfortable for you. How was it?


Sometimes, it gets too comfortable. Since we’re all friends, we get into a lot of arguments. Everyone seems to enjoy debating. [Laughs]


As soon as you returned to Australia, you swept the league and got to Worlds again. How does it feel?


Coming to Worlds with friends in itself is meaningful. Our goal is to reach the group stage. Since I’m here with friends, it’s fun and comfortable.


Speaking of friends, Fudge is also here. You were teammates with him back in MAMMOTH. Have you talked to him?


Actually, we bootcamped in LA. When we did, Fudge took us all out and bought us a hefty meal. He said that he got a big bonus because he won LCS.


Since Worlds 2020, what has been your main focus?


Looking back, my sidelane plays needed improvement, so I studied and worked hard to improve. I thought I was alright in teamfights and laning, but when it came to playing the sidelanes, I was assisted a lot by my teammates.


What’s the biggest difference between ‘20 Topoon and ‘22 Topoon?


In 2020, I played tank champions often, but my friends told me to play carry champions. Now, my champion pool is expanded a bit. If my champion pool was focused on tank champions before, now I play aggressive champions as well.


Are there any top laners you’d like to meet at this Worlds?


If we could reach the group stage, I really want to play against Fudge. Besides him, I want to meet Zeus. I like his playstyle. Zeus is a player that’s simply good at LoL.


Who influenced you the most to reach here again?


I believe it was Raes. He’s a very smart player, and whenever I make any weird plays, he gets mad at me. I learned a lot from him, and that’s probably why I’m here.


Do you have any last comments?


Although we had a bad start, we still have a chance, so I’ll do my best.

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