Why European Masters Summer 2022 is a very promising tournament

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Meta Description: League of Legends is one of the highest-played MOBA games in the eSports field, with impressive numbers recorded in annual tournaments. The European Masters is one of the top-rated competitions in LoL tournaments, and it’s returning in August 2022 to showcase some of the greatest LoL players in Europe.


This season’s competition promises to be exciting and full of surprises with the team lineups in the European Regional Leagues. Fans and followers of League of Legends tournaments are already making predictions following the performances seen in EM Spring 2022 tournaments. It’ll seem LDLC and Ago Rogue are fans’ top choices to win the competition.


The European Masters Summer 2022

The European Masters is an annual tournament created by Riot Games in 2018 following the stoppage of the EU Challenger Series. Although the EU Challenger Series transitioned to LEC European League, it left a void to fill for the semi-pro League players. The Spring edition of the European Masters was held earlier this year, crowing Karmine Corp as the champion. With the summer edition to kickstart on Aug 24, fans of LoL are ready to be thrilled.


Riot Games has already announced the 28 national teams qualified for the competition, with 16 teams in the play-in stages and 12 in the group stage. The European Masters is the highest league for semi-pro League players, and we’re up to see some mind-blowing performances. The play-in group stage starts on the 24th of August to the 25th; knockout stages begin on the 27th, the group stage on the 29th, and playoffs on September 15th.


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Why will the European Masters Summer 2022 be a promising tournament?

Generally, LoL tournaments are packed filled with actions and suspense from teams involved, with the skills and mastery needed to win over their opponents. But the Europan Masters is for semi-professionals which means it’s an avenue for teams to attract scouts for the LEC teams. Currently, this European Regional League is the highest tier for local competitions in the regions and comes in two splits a year for the eleven local leagues.


Karmine Corp won the Springs edition in April and the last two splits before that. However, following the team’s unexpected loss to GameWard in the playoffs, they won’t be keeping adding a fourth win to the streak LoL predictions from fans of the tournaments favors the LDLC OL team, who have shown great skills and potential in their previous matched in European Masters splits. LDLC OL is in the group stage with equally competent teams, including Team BDS Academy, Zero Tenacity, AGO ROGUE, X7 Esports, and Team Heretics, to mention a few.


This lineup in the group stage alone is one that makes predictions on LoL matches in this split quite uncertain. If Karmine Corp hadn’t been knocked out in the playoffs, people might have tilted to them winning the competition. But now, nobody can tell who’s coming out on top, and that’s why we’re sure this competition holds many exciting moments. The GameWard team that knocked out Karmine Corp is in the play-in team stages alongside competent teams like Vitality Bee, Illuminar Gaming, Bisons Eclub, SK Gaming Prime, and Outplaye,  to mention a few.


The teams in the huge events has players representing different nationalities in the European regions. There are 23 countries represented, including players from Slovakia, North Macedonia, Estonia, French Polynesia, Latvia, Romania, and several others. These team players will be battling to win their share of the €150,000 pool prize. The winning team takes €40,000, the second takes €25,000, the third and fourth take €13,5000, and the 5th to 8th positions take €8,000.


However, for these young talents, the focus is not on the money but on the recognition and hope they get drawn into the LEC teams. They play the game with all they have, and that’s how we know the tournament holds promises.


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What Is The European Masters Summer 2022 Offering Compared To Previous Seasons?

The European Masters Summer 2022 will be the tenth edition of the semi-pro LoL tournament. Over the years, the tournament has produced some of the best talents we’ve seen, and it only keeps getting bigger and better. The pool prize remains the same as the scouting opportunities, but many others have changed compared to what we know of the upcoming event.


The very first event of the European Masters had different setups, teams, and a lesser number of teams. This season promises new talents alongside some oldies in the event, including a team like Illuminar Gaming. Unfortunately, we can’t say if this might be Illuminar Gaming’s season to claim a win despite being in the competitions since the first event. So far, the nine champions we’ve witnessed in the tournaments include Origen, LDLC OL, BIG, Misfits Premier, MAD Lions, Ago Rogue, and 3x Karmine Corp.


These former champions have given us the best pro League players in the world, including Crownshot, Selfmade, WhiteKnight, Neon, LIDER, Szygenda, and Czekolad, to mention a few. We know Karmine Corp will not be winning this split, and we’re curious to see if any of the former champions come out top or if we’d be chanting the names of entirely new champions.



The European Masters has always been an interesting competition with the display of skills, talent, and mastery in League of Legends. This summer edition will be even more exciting with the former immediate champions already knocked out, and we can’t wait to see how and what team emerges as the new champion!

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