The complete 2022 Pokémon GO World Championships cheat sheet: guide to players competing

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It's been an arduous journey, but the 2022 Pokémon GO World Championships are officially upon us.  For two full days of action, fans will get to watch some of the best Trainers in the world decide who will be crowned the inaugural Pokémon GO World Champion. Fantastic competitors from many different regions will be present — all with the goal of coming out on top. 


To help you follow, and enjoy the elite tournament, we've put together a quick overview of the notable players competing, giving a general explanation of them, as well as some of their strengths.


Here is the Inven Global complete 2022 Pokémon GO World Championships cheat sheet!

ItsAXN [North American International Championships]

Overview:  ItsAXN has been an intimidating force for quite some time — considered by some to be one of the best battlers in the world. When taking into account their dominance throughout the North American International Championships, it doesn't seem very farfetched. The BadMewsHQ's team includes notable characters such as Shadow Walrein and Shadow Nidoqueen.


Rounding out ItsAXN's squad is Swampert, Lickitung, Sableye, and Medicham. Shadow Nidoqueen has been an increasingly popular pick due to their matchup favorability and general strength in battle — giving ItsAXN a very adept lineup. He is distinguished for having more than 576,000 Pokémon caught throughout his time playing.

Zarddy [Joinville Regional Championships]

Overview: While Zarddy's dominance at the Joinville Regional Championships was unfortunately not well-recorded, all accounts point to a very fearsome and smart player. Playing for Team Infinity GO — his team is comprised of Defense Form Deoxys, Mandibuzz, Trevenant, Walrein, Swampert, and Lickitung.


The latter has been somewhat of Zarddy's calling-card — and will no doubt be in potent form coming into the London event. Zarddy has been playing at a strong level for several years and has participated in a variety of events. Some of his other favorite Pokémon include Heracross and Charizard.

Aeeriis [Europe International Championships]

Overview: Amongst the competition in Europe, Aeeriis has demonstrated themselves to be one of the best. They are a very well-practiced battler that has shown an ability to adapt well to whatever meta is favorable, while at the same time showing a willingness to play with characters not currently looked highly upon.


In the past, Aeeriis' teams have included the likes of Medicham, Walrein, Registeel, Sableye, Galarian Stunfisk, and Air Slash Mandibuzz — the last especially being a unique pick that shows their flexibility helping them win. They will no doubt be an exciting trainer to watch.


Robdrogo [Perth Regional Championships]

Overview: The first Australian Pokémon GO Regional champion had incredible dominance of their competition. In fact, the only person to defeat them in the tournament was their own brother. The Perth champion is noted for their versatility and willingness to take advantage of popular picks — highlighting a team filled with characters like Swampert, Sableye, Registeel, Azumarill, and Medicham with a fearsome Bastiodon. Robdrogo shows capability in a range of playstyles, and will no doubt be a strong competitor in London.

Kiengiv [Indianapolis Regional Championships]

Overview: The Indianapolis Regional Champion is noted for being one of the largest content creators in the Pokémon GO community. Noted for his strong knowledge of PvP (even coaching this aspect of the game), Kiengiv is an extremely smart Trainer.


With a team in the past of Sableye, Medicham, Shadow Walrein, Trevenant, Registeel, and Azumarill — Kiengiv is a long-time player whose experience will no doubt be an intimidating force for others going into Worlds. Several of his Pokémon have proven success for Kiengiv — it's up to the other Trainers to have a better read on the current game to find success.

lDexxBl [Lille Regional Championships]

Overview: lDexxBl enters Worlds with a very ideal lineup. Their team of Sableye, Walrein, Registeel, Shadow Swampert, Talonflame, and Araquanid is already very strong for the current game going into the event. While lDexxBl does not have the experience or success of some of the other players, they will no doubt be in possession of a potent roster to win.

Hsineerg [Vancouver Regional Championships]

Overview: Last, but certainly not least, Hsineerg is another very experienced player that will no doubt be an intimidating opponent — perhaps one of the most likely to win at Worlds. They are very skilled in all aspects of the game, and have demonstrated the ability to navigate several metas very well. Their team includes characters such as Registeel, Trevenant, Mandibuzz, Medicham, and Shadow Walrein.

Of course, one cannot mention Hsineerg without bringing to attention their fantastic Ember Shadow Ninetales. There is perhaps no signature Pokémon more iconic than that of Hsineerg's Ninetales. It will truly be a privilege to watch them compete.

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