Canyon on constant top 1v1 fights: "Since they kept fighting,  I just focused on the bot lane and just cheered for Nuguri."

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On July 27, in the 2022 LCK Summer Split, DWG KIA defeated Hanwha Life Esports 2-1. Hanwha Life Esports had to win this match to keep their hopes alive for the playoffs, but they failed and became the first team to be eliminated in the summer season race. The players of the games for DWG KIA were Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon and Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu. They joined Yoon Su-bin after the match for an interview.



You collected your 9th win of the season. How do you feel?


Nuguri: I think it’s our first time winning 2-1 this season. I’m happy that we won.


Canyon: We lost the first game, but fortunately, we were able to win 2-1, so I’m happy.


Today’s match was very top lane-focused. It was interesting watching you two solo-kill each other. How was the 1v1 against DuDu?


Nuguri: [Laughs] My Fiora game was interesting. I think I was quite nervous as I played.


How was it watching the top lane fight constantly?


Canyon: Since they kept fighting,  I just focused on the bot lane and just cheered for Nuguri.


There were seven solo kills in game 1. How did you prepare for game 2?


Nuguri: I had prepared the Fiora pick, but it wasn’t easy. While we prepared for the next game, I thought about which champion they could pick.


The top matchup in game 2 was Sion vs. Shyvana, and there was a solo kill here as well. Since the recent is more bot-focused, solo kills in top lane aren’t as frequent. Do you think DuDu’s playstyle is similar to yours?


Nuguri: We were trading hard to stay ahead for the Herald fight, so I was able to solo kill him. I think he’s a very aggressive player.


Sion isn’t picked that much, but you picked him first. What was the reason?


Nuguri: Daeny suggested it strongly. He said that since the bot lane is important, we should play Sion, who is very solid. 


Do you have any tips on playing Sion well in the current meta?


Nuguri: Sion is a champion that can use the whole map through its ultimate. When you watch the top-level Sion one-trick players in solo queue, they use their ult to wherever they need to go. Also, the team’s picks are quite important.


On a side note, about the Sion skin. Mecha Sion appeared a lot, but Lumberjack Sion seems to be more popular now.


Nuguri: My teammates criticize me whenever I pick Lumberjack. [Laughs] But I’ve been using it since long ago, so I’m sticking with my selection.


The Zeri and Yuumi bot duo is on a 9-game winning streak. Among the nine wins, DWG KIA collected four. Why do you think they keep winning?


Canyon: Zeri and Yuumi’s late-game potential is extremely high. If they don’t fall behind too much, they can dominate in teamfights. That’s probably why.


Why do you think Hanwha Life Esports didn’t ban Zeri?


Canyon: Apparently, they probably tried to counter it with Draven. I’m not sure about it.


DWG KIA dominated smoothly from the early game in game 3. You didn’t even give up a single kill in the whole game. What did you talk about?


Canyon: We played thinking that we should counter their attacks while playing defensively, and we started moving forward when our picks were strong.


You were voted as the Player of the Game playing Wukong. I heard that you practiced Wukong a lot recently. Do you think that affected the result today?


Canyon: The item build for Wukong changed, so I practiced him a lot. He’s still good, and I’m happy that my practice paid off.


Your next opponent is KT. How are you planning to face them?


Nuguri: We’ll prepare for our next match well to show a good performance.


Canyon: Each and every win is precious, so we’ll prepare well to win.

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