T1 Zeus: "As a top laner, I was really inspired by [Nuguri's] mindset to see how he can improve, rather than blaming his team."

On day 29 of the 2022 LCK Summer split, T1 defeated Fredit BRION after a full three-game series. After dropping a game to Fredit BRION in game 1, T1 managed to bring the series back for themselves in game 2 and 3.


Choi “Zeus” Woo-je, the top laner for T1, joined Inven for a post-match interview and first shared his thoughts on the victory.


“It wasn’t clean, but I’m glad that we still won. Our opponents’ teamwork was very tight tonight, and our game plans didn’t work out around objectives in game 1. It’s also been a while since I played against Morgan, and he played his role very well.”


As a top laner, Zeus has been nearly flawless this split. However, on his own performance, he remained humble and said the following.


“I think it’s inconsistent. There are games where I felt satisfied with my performance, but there are also games where I felt lucky. During Spring, I didn’t have enough actual match experience, so I got more nervous than I should have. I realized that there’s no need to be so nervous, so not only do I feel very at ease, I also see things with a wider vision.”


This split, Zeus sits at 1,000 Player of the Game points. On the potential of him receiving awards such as ‘Player of the Split’, and ‘Regular Split MVP’, his answer was an unexpected one.


“Rather than such awards, it’s more important for me to win the Summer split. Although I might end up not playing the most optimally during the regular split, it’s all to mentally prepare how I’m going to play on the big stages. So I won’t get greedy for such titles, but I’ll gladly take them.”


Furthermore, he spoke up on the player that he looked up to.


“I want to be a top laner that continues to improve, and be versatile in fulfilling the roles that my team requires me to be. I watched a lot of Nuguri’s gameplay, both matches and his streams, to learn. As a top laner, I was really inspired by his mindset to see how he can improve, rather than blaming his team. Nuguri also impressed me, in that he played a ‘gentleman’ game in the top lane, rather than trying to ‘cheat’ his way out of the top lane game.”


As LCK is granted four tickets to Worlds this year, T1’s current chances of going to Worlds is very high. On going to Worlds, Zeus commented with anticipation, “To go to Worlds is every pro players’ dream. I’ve never been to one myself, so I hope to play against the top laners around the world.”

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