Asmongold criticized for support of Mizkif's Saudi Arabian sponsorship deal: "If it is beneficial to me, then I would do it"

Source: Asmongold stream

Popular Twitch streamer Asmongold provided viewers his thoughts on OTK streamer Mizkif’s recent Saudi Arabian sponsorship that has the community torn.


Asmongold has had an eventful June where he has become an outspoken voice for multiple topics in the streaming world such as the gambling debate, Diablo Immortal’s pay-to-win approach, and even had his backup Twitch account banned. Now, the popular WoW streamer has lent his opinion on another hot topic surrounding Mizkif’s recent Saudi Arabian sponsorship offer.



The Texas-based streamer was in the midst of a nine-hour long stream as he played several games throughout the stream. Just as he was about to log in and play New World, fans requested that he take a look at trending posts, highlighting Mizkif’s controversial sponsorship where Asmongold offered his take on the situation.



“The way that I make all of my decisions is a very simple question,” Asmongold paused before continuing on. “Is this beneficial to me?.... If it is beneficial to me, then I would do it(Saudi Arabian deal).”


Saudi Arabia has continuously been accused of “esports washing” to distract people from ongoing humanitarian controversies which resulted in criticism geared towards Asmongold for his take on the debate.


“I would do, probably the Saudi Arabia thing,” Asmongold stated. “But there’s no f***ing way I’m going to travel.”


Asmongold’s clip voicing support towards the Saudi Arabian deal was posted to r/Livestreamfail where the 55-second clip has over 2200 upvotes in five hours as many Redditors voiced their disdain.


As of right now, Mizkif has made it clear on stream that he has backed out of the partnership to visit Saudi Arabia stating, “I’ve made my decision. It’s clear I didn’t know the ins and outs of it. I didn’t know the reality of what it was.” It is unclear if other popular Twitch streamers have backed out of the deal as well.

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