Apex Legends may give your XBox input lag even when you aren't in the game

Apex Legends players don’t always have the best time of things, it’s fair to say. The game, while brilliant, has been plagued with issues since it was released, and to this day there are regular complaints about the way it runs, or doesn’t in many cases, with lag, audio, and even basic stuff like your character abilities often the source of complaints on internet forums.


Now though, things have taken a strange turn, as one Reddit user documented on the r/apexlegends sub this week. According to a post by u/Fizmarble, Apex on Xbox not only has input lag for some players when they are in the game itself, but can even create input lag that lasts after you stop Apex, affecting how your console performs on the home screen, and presumably in other apps.

Apex players under siege with issues

As it turns out, users in the thread claimed that the input lag players experience when playing Apex on Xbox will remain until you reset your console, even if you quit out of Apex and go into another program or app. Some users claim this is a result of the recent update, and many speculated at the sheer depth of the issue if Apex is able to change how your console works even after you’ve finished playing the game.



As of yet, Respawn have recognised the issue and said they are working to fix the ongoing input problems affecting Xbox players, which hasn't stopped multiple forum and Reddit posts saying the game is unplayable for many on that system. The fact the game is now having an adverse effect on the user interface of Microsoft’s console, and potentially even other games should see a more rapid response, but as yet the issue seems to persist for some players.


The latest season has been far from free of gameplay issues, from long-standing problems like a lack of game audio or Loba’s tactical ability not working to newer problems like broken matchmaking and unbalanced lobbies. We reached out to Respawn for comment, who said they "understand players might be facing controller input delay issues in Apex Legends and that must be really frustrating," and advised players that "some players have reported that using a wired controller fixes this."


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