Over $2 million in CSGO skins stolen after infamous skin collector hacked


The most valuable Steam account of all time may have been hacked, with over $2 million of rare Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skins reported stolen. 


CSGO has some of the most valuable cosmetics in the gaming world, powered by Valve's marketplace for selling and trading weapon skins for real-life money — sometimes for insanely high amounts. This has led to some players turning into skin collectors, and one of them is HFB, a notorious CS:GO skin collector and owner of the most expensive collections in the world.


HFB's account, however, was recently hacked and his skins were stolen. Among those are the Souvenier Dragon Lore AWP and #1 Blue Gem Karambit skins, the latter of which alone is worth over $1.26M.


"This is the most expensive inventory [of] all-time," community member ohnePixel wrote, "containing the most legendary items in CS:GO history." 



The hacker has quick-sold half of the items and has transferred the rest to his own Steam account. Those skins are currently sitting on a trade hold, said ohnePixel. It's currently unclear how the hacker was able to get into HFB's account, although one CS:GO player had a theory. 


When someone asked how a Steam account can be hacked so easily, Twitter user quyy112 said Support itself will give a hacker access if they go through a simple method. Knowing it was possibly so easy to get into someone's Steam account, especially an account like HFB's, left many Counter-Strike players disturbed. 



As the story spread, more CSGO players started speculating what may have led to the successful hack. zipeL, another CSGO skin expert, said that HFB hadn't logged into the account in over three years. And while he rquires a mobile authenticator, his email and password have been changed.


zipeL added that the items sold from HFB's account were disappearing from the new owners' inventories. This could be the result of a Steam error, with most of the trades getting reverted except one where the new owner moved the skin to a storage unit. This led zipeL to ponder if it was a "major internal f-up" that allowed the hack to happen. 


"People like DED_KILLER who bought one of the hacked items for $30,000 will never see that money again UNLESS Steam dupes the item, which is insanely unlikely. I don't know how to feel about this. HFB did not hear anything from Steam support yet about whats taking place," zipeL tweeted


For now, the CSGO community is demanding that Valve take action and return the skins to HFB. Othrs want Valve to take it a step further and change how the company handles Steam account security in general. The fact that a prominent skin collector like HFB can have this happen without any way of getting the collection back has Counter-Strike skin collectors worried and frustrated. 


For now, HFB's account has been community banned, possibly to prevent more items from his collection from being stolen and traded. 

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