Is Japan the dominant region in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?


Has Japan's time finally come? For years, NA Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was dominated by western players, even though the dedication to new playstyles and off-beat mains always left Japan in the Smash community's minds. 


But now, Japanese players have won three consecutive Smash majors in North America, something that's unheard of and definitely shaking up the Smash scene. Kengo "KEN" Suzuki won BoBC4, then Takuma "Tea" Hirooka took Crown 2 after defeating Dabuz, before Japan's youngest star acola took down top players to win The Gimvitational. 



While Acola's win was met with some controversy from the Smash community, there's no denying that Mexico's best players need to watch out for Japan's top competitors. These are players with unconventional playstyles that think and act outside the box, making it hard for some opponents to keep up. 


Tea has made a name for himself playing intersting fighters like Kazuya Mishima and Pac-Man, known for his high-IQ plays with the yelow orb man. Ken has been around for a while, usually known for his impressive Sonic play, but he is on the Sephiroth grind and the results show it's working. 


acola is just a teenager and beat many of the top playres in the world at The Gimvitational. But he did it with Steve, which leaves some questioning if Steve did all of the work. We have created an entire guide for beating Steve just because players hate him so much. But the hate didn't take away from acola's impressive victory run. 



Only time will tell if Japan has what it takes to steadily stay ahead. Most of the top players haven't faced MKLeo yet and that has left many wondering if Japan's top players are able to snag some victories from the best player in the world. For now, there is no denying that the Japanese scene has been proving itself as the players decide to compete overseas more often than ever before. 

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