DRX Zeka: "LPL’s more meticulous about teamfighting, while the LCK emphasizes the laning phase a lot more."

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On Saturday, DRX defeated Fredit BRION 2-0 in the second match of day four of the 2022 LCK Summer split. DRX successfully earned their second victory of the split. As both games went ultra late game, DRX came out on top through their boldness and coordination.


The following is the post-match interview with the mid laner for DRX, Kim “Zeka” Geon-woo.

Thoughts on defeating Fredit BRION tonight?


Unlike the Spring split, we succeeded in getting two wins in a row. Although we’re not at our peak due to COVID, I feel that we can play better once everyone’s better.


Although Lucian was available, DRX first picked Corki. Is Corki a high-priority pick for DRX?


Yes. This was also factoring in how Fredit BRION likes to play Corki as well. Because of the durability patch, the average game timer is around 30-40 minutes. Even if a team’s behind early, the possibility of a comeback victory in the late game is very real.


In game two, Fredit BRION also first picked Corki and picked a tank in the top lane. How was their composition different from yours in game one?


In our case, we thought about the various team comps we can play into Corki. I think we were able to beat them because we took objectives and were confident in our engages.


DRX banned Ahri and Taliyah in game one, but picked Ahri in game one. Do you consider Ahri to be a key pick against Corki?


She has great early skirmishing and can pressure in lane with Ignite. Also, it’s easy to get objectives.


It feels like DRX has no hesitation when it comes to teamfighting. What’s the secret behind the team’s instantaneous, fast engages?


During the Spring split, our top side tended to rely on our bot lane, so it was difficult to make plays. However, with the meta changing and our team’s top side being more proactive, I think that’s why it seems like we don’t hesitate.


BeryL mentioned in a recent interview that the team is facing various directions in practice. Can you elaborate?


We’re doing a lot more simulations on what the enemy would play if we played certain team comps.


As someone who’s been playing in the LCK since the Spring split and also has experience in the LPL, what are some of the stylistic differences between the two leagues?


LPL’s more meticulous about teamfighting, while the LCK emphasizes the laning phase a lot more. I can’t say which is better; it’s just preference. Personally, I think the LCK style fits me better.


Lastly, is there anything you’d like to say?


We’re off to a good start. I’ll practice even harder to perform better in the upcoming matches.

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